Saturday, November 06, 2010

cinderellie, cinderellie

Last weekend we borrowed the original Cinderella from some friends. I never watched Cinderella as a kid (I was more a Lady and the Tramp kind of girl) but this week I've had an education. So has Asher. In the past week, Asher has become more and more petulant, and explained his sour attitude by saying he's acting like Cinderella (ever noticed how she groans and sighs and complains every time she's asked to do something?). And now, just a minute ago, I walked into what has become a familiar scene - Silas screeching in protest, while Asher is feigning unawareness of his brother's cries. When asked why he was unkind to his brother, he said with a laugh, "Because the wicked stepsisters told me to."

No more Cinderella in this house.

But the mice were pretty cute.


brian said...

i called that one the first day we saw the movie! it is not the first show that has had an effect on asher's attitude. no "ni how kai lan" in this house either.

Kendra said...

HA! Back to Lady and the Tramp, then?

Catherine said...

That was my favorite Disney movie, as a kid! :)