Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Brian was looking through old pictures recently. He found one of me, HUGE, at 32 weeks pregnant with Asher, posing in front of a completely ready nursery. Pictures hung, clothes washed. Ready.

Sunday night he looks at me and says, "Man, you're getting big. Hey, do we have everything we need for a baby, anyway?"

To which I replied, "Um, yeah, I think so. It's just all in boxes everywhere. But I think it's all there."

That's the way it goes with a third baby, ya'll.

Happy Wednesday.


Lisa said...

I think I might have taken offense to the "You're getting big" comment. No matter how big you are getting!

Stephanie said...

If it had been anybody but Brian, I totally would have. But I know the spirit in which it was intended from him, so he's off the hook. =)

Anonymous said...

LOL, yeah with the third your happy if you have an empty drawer, some diapers and a little bit of free couch space.