Saturday, September 11, 2010

Praise JESUS for hand-me-downs; I am getting ready for consignments this morning and I honestly don't think I need to buy Emmy anything. I may poke around anyway, because I've never been privy to the HUGE pink section on the other side, but I don't think she's really going to need a thing. Ever. I've been wondering - is it just that more of my friends have had girls than boys? Or is it that people really buy that many more clothes for little girls? It's like having your own dress-up doll or something ... it's really funny. We've started thinking about her room and updating baby supplies, and making the transition (gulp) of putting Silas in Asher's room. All of this pink everywhere ... it's going to have to go into a bedroom sooner or later.

I am beginning to concede that while blogging is not dead, it has so morphed that I seem to have lost my place in it. I'm not writing a book, I'm not convinced all my good advice needs to be imparted to the world at large, I'm not trying to make money in any way. Is there anybody left like that? If so, they aren't commenting, and aren't posting on their own blog very often. It's sad to me - not the change, as much as what it's changed into. Brian and I talk about this all the time - to let Facebook or Twitter updates be your only voice assumes your thoughts can fit into 140 characters or less. What about nuance? What about finishing a thought, or telling the whole story? The shame is not that the medium for interaction is changing, but that it seems to be devolving into one-liners. Given a mouthpiece into the world, we only make time to throw punches and tell jokes. That's too bad.

In other news, maybe it's that I can't remember (which is entirely possible - my memory is not exactly a steel trap), but I feel like this baby is more active than the other two were when I was carrying them. She kicks all. night. long. Every night I have strange dreams incorporating her wigglyness. It's so fun. I'm so curious to see what her personality is like, and how the dynamics will play out. My boys are such BOYS, you know? Lately I've started a running tab of admonishments I'll probably never have to make with Emmy. Such as

"Don't pee on your brother!"

"Honey, if you play sit on your brother in the swimming pool, somebody could die. It's not a good idea."

"You are welcome to play city dump, but you may only dump out one thing at a time."

At the same time, my boys really enjoy traditionally "girl" toys. Their baby doll is a beloved possession. They often spend the day tending to toy dinosaurs or stuffed animals (my favorite was Asher coming into my room and saying, "Can Yap-Yap Puppy take his nap in your room? I have to work for a few hours." Ahem). One of Asher's very favorite friends is a little girl his age - I came to pick him up from her house a few weeks ago, and he said, "But we haven't had our wedding yet." I said, "Well next time she can come to your house, and you can finish your wedding." "No we can't," he replied. "We don't have any princess clothes." I don't wonder what they will do with a girl; I wonder what she is going to do with all of these little boys and her immersion their little boy world.

It's going to be so fun to find out.

On that note, It's time to get ready for my day. Consignment day is practically a holiday in this house.

Happy Saturday all. And! Happy birthday Elizabeth!


Madame Rubies said...

I'm still here. Cannot wait to have home Internet so I can get back to blogging like I used to. And I always read your posts and look forward to them. :) Just like, back when we first met, I awaited envelopes with your return address because I always found delicious words inside.

Jamie said...

I'm still here too.
Not writing a book.
Not making any money.
Definitely no good advice to offer.

Just plain hangin' out and not I suppose I'll start again :)

Mr Lonely said...

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Jenia said...

Speaking of hand-me-downs, could you use a (pink) pajamas suit? I believe it's Carter's and it's for an 18m.o.. Someone gave it to me to give to my sister, but she has a boy.

Kendra said...

I often feel the same way you do about blogging.

I do not keep track of who reads my blog - via google reader or "followers" or anything like that- simply because I do not want to become too aware. I feel like if I REALLY knew who or how many were reading...I would become more careful about what I wrote. And I don't want that.

Also, I TOTALLY feel you on the making money thing. Yes, I did let DaySpring advertise on my blog, but I support them and what they stand for.(And I haven't made a penny from them) I have declined everyone else who has asked to. I do not like trying to read blogs and having to "Click and close" all the pop ups that fly in my face. Bugs me. Often to the point where I quit reading that blog.

I even got an email from a Early Childhood...activist?? I don't know how to label her, but anyways she wanted to write a guest post on my blog about the importance of Early Childhood Education. She wrote to me that she thought my readers would find it interesting. I was surprised. While I do agree in the importance of ECE, and my schooling is in that area, I don't write for my readers! A guest post to advertise? I think not.

I love the comment up above..."please read my blog and comment and follow it"...interesting...

Susan Shehane said...

Do not stop blogging, Stephanie. I'm just not able to do Internet much because of neck.

I think you should continue blogging.

And I think you should turn your blog into a book.

Do both. I'll help you. I'll publish you, too. I still have eight ISBN numbers waiting on you at COOSA RIVER BOOKS. -- mamamamama

Susan Shehane said...

Do not stop blogging, Steph. Your blogs are inspiring. It's here that i really see your daily life with the boys -- all of them -- and little Emma -- better than anywhere else.

So don't stop blogging. Keep blogging. Forget Twitter. It's a twitch. It's nothing.

Do blog. Think book. I have eight ISBN numbers left for COOSA RIVER BOOKS. We SHALL PUBLISH when you're ready. But dont' quit blogging. This will become the basis of your book, your journey. I see it.

Susan Shehane said...

I have no idea how that just happened.

What a great day we had with Silas. So sweet.

So tender -- still loves the water hose. When he was trying to nap, I heard all sorts of sweet (and some negative talk). Lots of phrases ending in BIG DADDY. Then NOT NAP. Then he started talking to his Toy Story toy -- robot?

He slept three hours. When I went in to get him, we was talking to that robot again. Later he had to discipline Puppy. I wish I could just be a recorder.

Mandi Miller said...

I read your blog!!

Oh I'm sure your daughter will fit in just fine! And you just might have to tell her not to sit on her brothers in the pool! :)

By the way... I LOVE pink for little girls... Maddy's room is painted bubble gum pink!