Thursday, August 19, 2010

clear eyes, full hearts ..

1. You guys were so right. Season 4 of Friday Night Lights is so good. I didn't watch it when it came on, because 7 p.m. is not a convenient time for me to turn on the television, and because I am one of the last people in America to not have any means of recording television shows. No tivo here, friends. Either I watch it when it's on, or not at all. OR, as in this case, I download it from itunes. Anyway, I'm watching the season now, and it's so good. Coach Taylor, I've missed you.

2. Brian sold his truck today. He's been driving the same Ford Ranger since the first year we were married, which, as Valerie once pointed out, is a testimony to good car maintenance. Indeed it is. That truck was a game day player, but alas - it can only hold one car seat, which matters more and more these days. Plus there's no place to safely store musical equipment, and his guitars have been worth more than his vehicle for quite a while now. So. A high school student a hundred miles north of here is now the proud owner of one very loved Ford Ranger. And Brian - always hunting the best imaginable deal - would like everyone to note that he put 178,000 miles on that truck, sold it without a working air conditioner in the Deep South in August, and STILL made 25% of his money back, ten years later. Impressive, as always.

3. He sold the truck and immediately went to the grocery store at 9:07 p.m. because I needed some chocolate pudding. A sign of the times - we need more room for car seats, and I need chocolate pudding ASAP.

4. Asher went to his preschool this morning for a one-hour "come hang out in your new classroom and see that it's not scary" meet-and-greet. For a few weeks I've been leaning away from putting Silas in a classroom for another year. This morning confirmed that he is just not quite ready yet ... we walked into Asher's new room, and he did not blink. Not one iota of anxiety - he walked in, told me bye, and went to find a dump truck. Silas, meanwhile, threw himself PROSTRATE at my ankles (I kid you not) and wailed, "No Mama! Don't leave me! I don't want to stay!" I was like, "Silas, stand up. You're going with me." It took him a few minutes to calm down enough to realize I actually WASN'T leaving him there. Hysterical.

5. Did you know a baby doubles in size between 16 and 20 weeks gestation? Me neither, until a few days ago. But that explains a lot - like why I'm having crazy hot flashes (Brian says I radiate heat at night - half the time he gets out of bed at 3 a.m. and goes to the chair, because I'm "radiating" and he's too hot. HE'S too hot?), and why my energy level is seriously waning, no matter what I do to take care of myself. It also explains why I needed chocolate pudding at 9:07 p.m., why hanging out in my pajamas was more appealing than hanging out with friends this evening, and why every single time I've seen someone I know this week they've commented on how I'm looking more pregnant. This baby is GROWING, friends.

Good night, all.

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