Thursday, July 08, 2010

My day has included

- a flooded bathroom - To be three-years-old and think that bubbles in the sink are SO WORTH the consequences of completely flooding the bathroom, all the way through the drawers and into the cabinet below. He wasn't even a little bit sorry, either. He said, "I made a mess! It was unwise!" and grinned. If anyone knows how you're supposed to respond to that, I'm listening.

- a two-year-old who not only decided that yesterday was the last day he will ever transfer from his car seat to his bed for nap, but who also decided that since he'd already slept for ten minutes in the car, the best use of his un-naptime was to take off all his clothes and pee around the perimeter of his crib. He's not the first boy in this house to find such a thing amusing, but still - one never gets used to walking into a nursery to find a ring of urine and a naked toddler looking pleased with himself.

- a forty minute (!!) wait in the doctor's office to see a nurse at the nurse's station long enough for her to gag my son for a strep re-check. Seriously - I don't usually complain about wait times in doctors' offices, because my doctor is a SAINT and I will gladly wait to see her. But Hell should include activities such as this - take two perfectly healthy children, who are excited about their morning plans, out of their routine unexpectedly. Put them in a huge room divided in half. On the left (with the goats, if you will), are all of the feverish, limp little kids leaning against their parents and watching Dora. Put all of the interesting toys - and the POTTY, for crying out loud - on that side. (Make sure one boy needs to go potty in what is sure to be the stomach-virus-infested bathroom, while the other is trying to grab under the toilet seat.) On the right side of the room is not one interesting toy, not even a good cartoon, and a room smashed full of mothers holding docile, cooing infants and watching these two perfectly healthy boys bounce off the wall, while casting meaningful looks that suggest I should Control My Children. Yes, Hell should have moments like that.

Forty minutes of that, friends. To stop by the nurse's station.

- a call to Poison Control. Because Silas decided the train table was looking a little bare - it needed some toothpaste to brighten it up. And I had a heart-stopping moment when I realized half the tube was missing, and there was blue on his face. Of course, after I called poison control (who didn't help me calm down that much - they were ready for me to take him to the ER, since he can't drink milk and milk is what would neutralize the hydrochloric acid and HYDROCHLORIC ACID?! IN HIS STOMACH?! Yeah, they didn't help me feel better) - after all of that I realized that most of the toothpaste was on the train table and the window sill beside it. I think he tasted it, but didn't eat enough to really poison himself. The poison control lady also told me I needed to keep him up an hour, and that evoked almost as much panic as the idea of the Emergency Room. Lady, do you know what kind of day I had? And did you hear the part about him not taking a nap? I can't keep him awake an hour! I'll never make it!

That's what kind of day it's been.

How was your day?


Kendra said...

My day is better now that I had a good laugh! Sorry it had to be at your expense =)

Brian and Ella said...

the only benefit of days like that is at least you have something funny to blog about! that always makes me feel better. :)

i'm so sorry it was so crazy. miss you and your boys...even if they do eat toothpaste, won't take naps, go CRAZY at the doctor's office, and make "unwise" decisions. My boys fit right in to all of those categories. :)

brian said...

my day was full of government and church work. i find it hard to complain about going to work on days like that!

Danielle said...

Oh I feel your pain! The biggest difference being that you get to experience twice the fun while I'm still waiting. Thanks for the laugh though and also for giving us a good dose of reality. Even though it won't help in the least, boys will be boys - whoever came up with that statement must have had a houseful of girls!

Jenia said...

I want to meet your kids! They sound like a lot of fun :)

I'm sorry you had a hard day. Mine was pretty easy - spent 7 hours in a studio with Shon (and it really wasn't bad this time, since I actually got to participate), came back to my father-in-law's house and spent the rest of the day melting. (no air-conditioning).

Anonymous said...

I have days like that but I have 3 boys already. We thankfully are done with the preg times anyways.
Our youngest is 18 months and I have never successfully mastered the transfer nap. I totally feel that pain.
Also be thankful that the water contained no oldest decided to try tie-dyeing a shirt by himself recently.
Its all worth it though.

Lisa said...

Good heavens, Stephanie! That's enough to qualify you for extra vacation time...oh don't get vacation time from this job. I keep forgetting that...

I've had the same experience with the doctor's office. Only now my doctor has been wise enough to remove all the toys from the waiting room (germs, you know). It doesn't seem to keep the kids from sharing germs, though...they touch everything! I love our doctor but hate going to his office because of the cold that inevitably occurs later that week.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! I hope today was better.