Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I guess these all could be on twitter, except that twitter has proven to be pretty pointless in my life. So -

1. No work today. Whoo hoo!
2. This baby is going to have a sweet tooth. Mark my words.
3. The cure for last week's dehydration has proven to be 4 32 oz bottles of water a day. Three bottles, and I still get unnaturally tired. Four is just right.
4. An argument for public television - Sid the Science Kid has made Asher (more) curious about how things work. This week, he wants to know more about the praying mantis we saw in the front yard and why clouds make rain. And last night Brian showed both boys how a combustion engine works (thank you youtube for educating my children). Between google, youtube, and the library, I'm fairly confident we really could handle homeschooling.
5. Silas? In the THROES of two years old, friends. Just so you know.

Happy Tuesday.

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Madame Rubies said...

Haydn loved How It's Made. History channel maybe? I forget. But he loves it.