Thursday, July 29, 2010

I am inspired tonight.

By the story of Rahab, and the fact that a Gentile harlot was listed both in the patriarchal lineage of Christ and among the great fathers of the Christian faith. How like God to not only accept her, but to esteem her above a thousand pious men. Redemption is always amazing.

By little Asher, riding in the back seat today and telling me what kind of tractor he wants to drive when he grows up. "And it will have a front pusher and back scooper, and you will be there to watch me be a real worker! Right Mom?" His little eyes full of promise, so excited to Grow Up and Do Things. In this moment, the very best thing he can imagine is driving a tractor, and me there to see it. My heart was just full, and I wanted to say, "Stay three years old forever! Because by the time you become a young man, and you really go and do all of these things, you aren't going to want me to come watch you anymore." I love that little boy, and I love this time with him.

And by Patty Griffin's voice. Because it's just so good.

What inspires you?


Jenia said...

My friend Katie. She is a beautiful woman, an amazing photographer, and a truly good person. Katie called us the day before yesterday and said she wants us to have her old car for free. It runs, it has A/C working, and it will be my very first car. Considering that we lost 2(!) cars since the beginning of summer, this comes as an overwhelming blessing.
I am inspired by how hard Katie tries to follow God's will, to stay focused on the right things, and to love through her actions. I hope I have the goodness in me to pay it forward one day.
Sorry it came out so long!

Mrs. Shehane said...

I have an Asher story that inspired me. Yesterday, when Asher was using the laser light and stud finder to help Big Daddy hang pictures (did i mention the tape measure, too?), Dwan suddenly exclaimed, "FOUND ONE." Asher clapped and said, "YEA!" This was quickly followed by a quieter question, "What's a stud?"

I love this age, too.-- Marmee

Madame Rubies said...

YOU inspire me.