Wednesday, July 21, 2010


If anybody out there is peeking through our blinds - if there really is anybody left handing out gold stars - I would like to be clear that this house is not earning any this week. All week long, both my children and their parents seem to be taking turns melting down, apologizing, starting fresh, then melting down again half an hour later.

I'm blaming the weather.

Laura's blog (and corresponding emails) yesterday got me thinking about something - August in the Deep South is hell.

Northern and Midwestern folk complain about late winter slush, or spring that just won't show. In the Pacific Northwest, it rains for a few months. The Gulf Coast contends with hurricane season. Here, late summer is our enemy.

Don't believe me? The time at the tone is 9:06 p.m. It is 89* currently, with a heat index of 96*. That's NINETY SIX DEGREES AT NINE O'CLOCK AT NIGHT. Humidity's at 55%. The heat index tomorrow is expected to be 115.

Swimming pools feel like bathwater. I'm not even big pregnant, but my feet and fingers are still swelling by midday. Don't even bother mentioning playgrounds or parks - they've all been abandoned by this time of year. The equipment is too hot to touch. Any indoor play areas - fast food places, bouncy houses, the museum, book stores, libraries - anywhere that has air conditioning and will tolerate the sounds of young children playing - are completely overrun with elementary kids who are just as antsy as the little ones, even though they're trying to play it cool. Even little Silas - who LOVES a crowd - told me in Chick-fil-@ yesterday, "It too loud in there, Mama."

It's no wonder life becomes a bit ... monotonous in August. After a while, the walls start to close in.

All of that to say - if, like me, your children have been puddling on the floor all week (and if half the time you're a puddle right beside them), and the humidity seems to be pressing in on all sides - well, we're in it together, friend.

Labor Day is only six weeks away.


Cindy said...

We are counting down to Labor Day too. Our 12-month Richmond experience is HOT Alabama summers with Midwest winter. It's hard to believe I went to Georgia for a reprieve a few weeks ago. 102 degrees forecasted the next two days (not heat index, actual temperature), I'm in it together with you friend, even from afar.

Nick M. said...

Honestly it was not NEARLY as hot and miserable last week in the Bahamas (where I went on a mission trip). the Temperature hovered in the lower 90's and it was humid but nothing like here.

I hate summer, always have, always will. I'm a fall/winter/spring gal and will be 'til the day I die!

ljkgates said...

Nick is a gal???? :) I bet Laura posted that!

Lisa said...

We feel your pain. Our heat index is going to be near 110 on Saturday, and it's just so steamy every single day. I don't complain much, though. We usually get to the waterpark about twice a week and head straight for the slides and sprayers. Keeping wet has definitely helped our summer disposition.

Lauren said...


Jamie said...

Add a newborn to that mix and you move from monotonous to insanity...and quickly.
Come on fall!