Saturday, July 17, 2010

because i don't want to forget

Through a series of events, Silas and I spent most of today alone together.

It was so much fun.

Two-years-old is my favorite age, to teach and to parent. Did you guys know that? I love the curiosity, the first stabs at conversation, the little toddler strut, the push toward independence. I love two. Today, my two-year-old had a rare few hours of my undivided attention. Not only that, but I also had a rare moment of HIS undivided attention. I realized today that it isn't just that I'm less focused on him; he is not focused on my attention, either. He has a brother to chase, a dad to follow around, a dog to climb, toys to conquer. As attached as Silas is to me (and he is), he's not one to just sit in my lap and chat. The boy has things to do.

So you can imagine how much I enjoyed today - watching as he toddled through the farmer's market, grabbing apples and announcing, "I LOVE PEACHES!" He slept on my shoulder through Target (when was the last time THAT happened?), recited letters back to me as I spelled his name on a napkin in the restaurant, and asked to hear Nickel Creek "one more time," holding up his chubby little index finger for emphasis. He told me, "I hab super powers!" and requested more pickles (apparently six were not enough) - all things two-year-olds do every day, but today I had time to take it all in. We went to the grocery store together, ate our dinner side by side, shared a cookie for dessert. I remember spending this kind of time alone with Asher at this age, but I knew something today I didn't really understand back then. This time I knew how short this stage really is, how soon his little torso will stretch along with his language and imagination, how independence will move into defiance before long. By the winter, his language will be so different; by next spring, he'll be a big brother. But today he was two, sitting on my hip in the store, hugging my leg in the thunder, laughing at the word "lemonade," instructing Dog-Dog, "Don't eat my cracker!"

Today was a good day.


Mrs. Shehane said...

Why don't you write a letter to Silas, just for his baby book -- what you did today, how you treasure just being with him.

He'll want to hear the story over and over again. I have a few of those, myself. They don't go away.

CHildren need their "me" time. I'm glad you had a chance to enjoy it. Your such a good mom, Steph. Love, Marmee

Mrs. Shehane said...

That's YOU'RE such a good mom, Steph. Pardon the typo.

Mrs. Shehane said...

Praise God for rain. It's been all around us, but finally the rain fell on Slapout.

Praise the Lord.

Laura Mielke said...

I need to do this with my two daughters, have whole days... or heck even half days with JUST ONE. Do you know that they are two years old and the only time they have been apart from each other was the time LAST winter when Harper was in the hospital with RSV and Lily was at home? wow. wow on many levels:
they need to spend time ind. of each other
they need to spend alone time with mommy and daddy
hm. thanks for helping me realize it. i mean, nick and i have talked about that before, but i really just need to make it happen now. little mini dates.

Jamie said...

So, so sweet!

Have you read "Gilead?" Mrs. Shehane made me think of it. That book inspired me to write my letter to Andrew a couple of months ago. Something I hope to get in the practice of doing regularly.

And what is with the Super Powers? Is there some secret club our children attend that I don't know about? Andrew says his power is shooting dirt from his index fingers...hmmmmmm.

Stephanie said...

Jamie, Silas' super power at that moment was to be able to eat the 2 ft plastic ice cream cone on display at Chappy's. Asher's super power is putting out fires. Who knows where it comes from.