Friday, June 25, 2010

silly and not so

My dog has allergies that are causing him to chew his fur off. He started steroids today. I know dogs have "people" health problems all the time, but it still makes me smile. Of COURSE he has allergies - he wouldn't be a member of our family if he didn't have allergies.

And Adrienne has been put on total bedrest. Adrienne, who has three children under four years old, all of whom have unique stories and specific needs. Please say a prayer for her baby and her little flock, if you are the praying type.

Silas got this Woody (from Toy Story) figurine for his birthday, right? He walks around with him all the time saying, "Come on, Woody, it's party time."

Every time I see Woody or Buzz askew in my hallway, it makes me smile. Like we're living in a Disney movie or something.

And Silas has strep throat. AGAIN. The pediatrician and I talked yesterday about why he has had strep throat three times since Easter, and she thinks either he's not completely getting rid of it between flare-ups, or (more likely, she says) he's catching it over and over from a carrier that he's around all the time. He can't be the carrier, because carriers don't show symptoms (herein lies the problem). The good news is that he's not in daycare, so that does limit the possibilities a little. The bad news is we had 17 children at the birthday party, and he's not even in daycare. Like I said, our circle is pretty wide at this point. So if I just walk up to you and hand you a lab slip for an overnight strep culture, you'll know it's only because I love you dearly and want to confirm you aren't the host of the stealthy bacteria that keeps attacking my son. I kid, of course, but not that much.

This one can be silly or not so, depending on your perspective -
My kids have had a very good month for getting along with one another. I attribute the sudden burst of peace to both the kindness chart (a behavioral chart that has been in place for, well, the past month), and Silas getting old enough to talk to his brother, rather than pummeling him to communicate. Either way, I LOVE watching them play together right now. I love hearing Silas yell "Aa-teh!" across the house, which is Silaspeak for "Asher!" Even when he comes out of time-out, it is Asher he acknowledges first. "Sorry I screamed and kicked, Asher," he says sheepishly. "I forgive you," is Asher's nonchalant response. I know sibling irritation is going to come and go, but I really love when it's going well.

I have a cold-turned-sinus-agony right now, and Brian has been so gracious to me. Picking up the slack, calling my OB to see what medicines I can take, going back to the drug store to find something stronger when the off-brand didn't work. I don't get sick very often, and when I do, it's usually an abbreviated version of whatever is going around - a little queasiness, a little runny nose, no big deal. Not this time. Tonight I cried into the pork roast (yes I did) because of the pain in my head. Thank you, Lord, for Brian and Tylenol.

Good night.


Madame Rubies said...

Our kindness chart is taking off slowly. But some progress has been made. My mother was surprised to hear Haydn filled two fish almost immediately, while David has struggled to get two stickers in a week. This would surprise most people who are not me and do not see that David is the one who is most often purposefully mean.

My word scramble is "ancer." Either this is a slightly less scary disease than the big C or the phonetically correct way to spell answer.

ljkgates said...

The boys are getting along so much better and it is so fun to watch. I also love hearing Silas talk to Asher. Have you noticed what he calls me now? He calls me Damma!
That's okay, he can call me anything he wants. I love that little guy!
You made me cry at the end of this blog. I felt so bad that you cried in the pork roast. I'm sorry you felt so bad. Praise God that you have Brian. Love you!

Kendra said...

Hope you start feeling better soon! Being pregnant and sick is SO hard.

Danielle said...

I'm so sorry you're feeling your pregnancy in a not so good way! Hang in there, this too shall pass.

I wanted to ask you about the behavior chart you mentioned. Do they get stickers or stars for good behavior? What happens if they break a rule, don't listen, etc?