Sunday, June 13, 2010

meanwhile, back at the ranch ...

I want to write a whole post devoted to Elizabeth, because Elizabeth is married! And it was the prettiest wedding EVER! And she was the calmest, most peaceful bride you can imagine. Seriously. Anyway, I want to write more when my head is clear, but in the meantime I keep thinking of other things I want to tell you.

Like -

I don't feel sick anymore. Just like that. My doctor told me it would peak last week, then I would start to feel better, and he was right. I do. The predictable nature of the human body amazes me. I know that statement shows just how LITTLE I comprehend of science, but I mean it. Something that feels uniquely hard - an illness, a pregnancy, a surgery - is so ordinary as to be predictable. What did Greg say? The most intimate experiences are also the most universal? True also in pregnancy.

Also -

Silas is drinking soy milk! Most of you don't care, but it is good for my soul to see my little boy drinking protein and calcium that is not fortified sugary apple juice. Silas survived on Nutramigen his first year, then apple juice and PRAYER his second. Now, just before his second birthday, he's been able to tolerate soy for the first time. I can just HEAR his little bones singing their thanks. His mother is, too.

And -

Yes, I had a great time this weekend. But I really missed my kids. There are some things that are just not appropriate for young children (like an evening wedding three hours from home in which both of their parents are involved), but I wasn't especially anxious to be away from them. It makes me a little ... concerned? about our vacation. We're taking a tenth anniversary trip in July, and while I am very much looking forward to it, I'm really going to miss my kids.

Last -

I have the best dad. He spent this weekend at my house with my kids, including waking up FOR THE DAY at 3:45 this morning with Silas. The kids ate fast food for every meal and wore their pajamas as their clothes all weekend, but they had a good time with Big Daddy, and I knew they were in good hands. Thanks again Dad.

Tune in next time for an Ode to Elizabeth, the calmest bride ever.

Good night all.

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