Sunday, June 20, 2010


Silas turns two tomorrow.

So my grandparents lived on the lake when I was a kid, and I had (have) a summer birthday. My favorite birthday memories involve spending the day at my grandparents', swimming all afternoon and eating watermelon and cake on the screened porch with my friends.

Now my baby has a summer birthday, and my parents now live on the lake, so yesterday we continued in the spirit of one of my very favorite parts of childhood -

Yesterday Silas had a birthday party at the lake.

Georgia and Sawyer were there, along with our families and Mikkee, who is family too.

(Hey, see that belly? There's a baby in there! It still surprises me a little.)

Every time I take a picture of my kids and Georiga's Mom's kids doing something Georgia's Mom and I did together at their age, I can't help but marvel that lifelong friends really do exist and the rhythms of life and the whole thing.

Silas actually slept through the boat ride. The downside of turning two, I suppose, is that you still need an afternoon nap.

And Silas had his very own dairy-free dump truck cake. It involved angel food cake, seven (!) boxes of pudding, two boxes of almond milk, and an entire package of Oreos. I didn't say it was healthy, just that it was dairy free.

My nephew Hudson. How CUTE is that baby?

Such a fun day.

Happy birthday, my Silas.

I love you.

This morning, we skipped church to spend a few extra hours with Mikkee before she headed back to the airport.

(Even though her eyes are closed, this might be my favorite picture ever of Asher and Mikkee. She just LOVES him, and he LOVES her, and I love having a picture of them cracking up.)

Tomorrow we'll meet our friends at the splash pad and finish off the dump truck cake (along with popsicles - my friends are going to KILL me for all the empty sugar I fully intend to inflict on their children in the morning).

I love birthdays.

Good night all.

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Kendra said...

Happy birthday Silas!! Great job on the cake Mama! =)