Tuesday, May 18, 2010

want to see

One toy that never, never disappoints?

Kiddie pools.

Also, have I told you guys about our newest family toy? We bought a bike trailer (through Craigslist, of course). It's great. It's a natural sedative for our kids - they ride along behind Brian, watching the trees and generally leaving one another alone, and Brian and I can spend a little time outside together, which is our very favorite thing to do. Yesterday, I took the kids to the Y in the morning, and they spent the morning splashing about in the world's best toddler pool (of which I have not one single picture, because I just can't pull off keeping Silas alive and taking pictures at the same time. Some days I wish that child had just a little more natural fear of water). We spent all morning in the water, and then Silas only napped for about an hour, which is not nearly enough for him. By 5 p.m., when we went for a bike ride, both boys were tired and tired of it. After twenty minutes or so, we looked behind us and saw this:

Little Bobbleheads, snoozing in the bike trailer.

Enjoy your day, everyone.


ljkgates said...

These have to be some of my favorite photos.

Jenia said...

That is the coolest kiddie pool I've ever seen!

Lisa said...

So true about the pools. They can't get enough of them. And thanks for the sleeping kids pics. LOVE to see pics of kids sleeping...they look like peaceful little angels.