Monday, May 03, 2010

starts and stops

1. Started baking bread. Wheat last week, cinnamon raisin this week. I am woman, hear me cook. Seriously, nothing - NOTHING - is as satisfying as seeing that mound of dough rise. And nothing in the world smells better than bread in the oven. I'm hooked. Thanks, Carrie, for reminding me that I have a degree, a marriage, a mortgage, and two children - I don't have to be afraid of a little package of active yeast.

2. Started a twitter account. I'm not convinced, but that's hardly a surprise. I'm always so skeptical of anything new - like I'm standing cock-eyed in front of the thing shouting, "Is this thing ON?" I'm ridiculous. So have pity on me. Friend me, or tweet me, or whatever it is you're supposed to do on twitter. So far twitter has only provided additional evidence that you can waste as much time on the computer as you want, when you put your mind to it. Prove me wrong.

3. Started to post pictures of our zoo trip from last week, but I got distracted. That's happened a lot lately. I have six or eight half-written posts floating around, and I don't do that very often. Alas. Please note Asher's safari shirt, chosen for the occasion, and the picture of Silas ready to LAUNCH. He was imitating a rooster.

4. My time has gotten away from me. I don't have time to do the things I love (like blogging, or planting tomatoes - seriously, watching those silly little cherry tomatoes grow last summer was so fun. It's like being pregnant without the swelling and heartburn), but it's only because I have not organized my time well. I have no scheduled down time, and no scheduled work time (paperwork time, I mean), so it all gets muddled together. That's not working for me. Baking bread, digging in the dirt with my boys, watching tomatoes grow, writing blog posts about it all - these are the things that make me who I am, and who I want to be. Doing paperwork just allows me to do the other things I love (like dig with other people's babies in the dirt). It's time to STOP letting what I should do get in the way of what I need, and get a better handle on my time.

5. Started to accept that there are no longer any babies in this house. Silas, friends, grows into his own little person a little more every day. Today I told him he couldn't have any juice in the car (because I didn't have any), and he threw his shoes in protest. "Are you mad?" I asked him. "No Mama! I'm NOT MAD! I'm NOT MAD!" from the backseat. Even a few hours later he reminded me, "I'm NOT MAD, Mama!" Welcome, two-years-old. It's been - what? five? - months since we had a two-year-old around here. Good to see you're back.

6. A further demonstration of Silas' ability to STOP, DROP, and SLEEP at will.

The other day he fell asleep waiting on lunch. As in, just stopped where he was, put his head down beside the dinosaur, and ZONKED OUT. His face looks his age, but I swear when I see this picture I think he looks a year older than he is. How TALL is that boy?


ljkgates said...

Granny would be so proud of your bread baking and tomato growing....those were two of her favorite things.

Lisa said...

I have that same problem with time. I always feel like I'm behind on something.

And twitter...I haven't found a good use for it. I stop in about once every three months and leave a couple of tweets, but beyond that it's useless to me.