Wednesday, April 28, 2010

please oh please

Go read Adrienne's good news.

From one child to four in less than a year. Ack and wow! What a blessing!

Adrienne has suffered so graciously, and her blog has been an encouragement to others who have miscarried or faced infertility. Really, gracious is the word I would use to describe her, period. If I lived in her town I would totally offer to vacuum or bring her dinner (or both), because she has - are you ready for this? - a newly domestically adopted round (MY GOODNESS for the round legs) baby! and a newly internationally adopted toddler girl! and a high risk pregnancy! all at once! Ack and wow.

And thanks be to God.


Lisa said...

I KNOW! I was amazed at her news. God is so good. But also, A LOT at once. I know she'll be given extra grace and patience to handle it, though.

Katie said...

Okay, weird- how do you know Adrienne? A friend of my husband's from UF knows her from grad school and showed me her blog when we started the adoption process. I've even emailed her. And now I am just connecting that you also know her! SMALL world!