Sunday, March 07, 2010

meanwhile, back at the ranch ...

1. Mikkee is here. There is no one who steps so seamlessly into the flow of our family as my dear friend Mikkee, nor is there anyone (not related to them) who shows as much compassion and tolerance for my children as her. We all love when Mikkee is here.

2. Brian took Asher for his first hike yesterday. The idea of hiking and rafting with his children is what sold Brian on the idea of ever becoming a father, so Brian has basically waited for yesterday since we first saw Asher's little heartbeat on an ultrasound. Their hike went about a hundred yards, lasted about five hours, and included sitting on a tractor and throwing rocks into a river. What more could dads and boys want?

3. Spring is beginning to wake up the ground. The Japanese magnolias bloomed today - yesterday they were not here, today they are. Creation always astounds me. It's as though the whole world is rubbing its eyes and walking out onto the porch to stare at the sun. Thanks be to God that winter always ends.

4. But with the spring, and the magnolias, and the wonder of creation, comes allergies. Both boys are hoarse and drippy and short on patience. Despite the local honey and my militance over his diet, I see prescription allergy medicine in Silas' immediate future. Such is life in the South in the Spring.

5. Also, appropriately, there are two more babies on the horizon in my little corner of the world. Is there anything sweeter (or more symbolic) than an Easter birth?

6. Now that Silas isn't screaming, he is talking. All the time. I absolutely love hearing what my kids are thinking. Mostly Silas is thinking about music, apple juice, and going outside, but there's nothing sweeter than hearing what's on his little mind.


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Lisa said...

Ahhhhh...Spring sounds so sweet. We finally got temperate weather here and spent most of the weekend outside. Although nothing is springing through the ground yet, I have visions of a blooming landscape and ideas for annual beds. I love Spring!!