Friday, March 26, 2010


1. My friend Kendra is having babies today! When I first "met" Kendra, she was in the second year of praying for a healthy pregnancy. That was at least two years ago. Today she will hold the answer(s) to her prayers! So go drop in and say HOORAY FOR BABIES with me. And if you're the praying type, please remember her today as she gives birth to twins.

2. I may regret saying this to the wide wide world, but springtime makes me wish I was pregnant. Not even holding a baby, necessarily, just pregnant. I'm not sure if that's because I spent three springs in a row either pregnant or holding a brand new baby, or if it's just biology. But there is something so beautiful about carrying new life while the external world is budding with it, too. It's an opportunity to both observe and experience Creation - and its Creator - that is unlike anything else. Anyway, springtime pregnancies are beautiful. Maybe next year.

3. Speaking of, spring also reminds me of some of the reasons I love being the mother of little boys. My children come back to life in the spring, too. We made it through the long (LONG) winter and the boys are now free to slam the screen door at their leisure. A few days this week we only came inside to prepare meals and take naps. We are all much happier in the spring.

4. And - speaking of children playing together - Silas was cracking me up yesterday morning. My kids chatter in their beds in the mornings (I'm assuming most kids do this?), and what they narrate is always an interesting peek into their little minds. Yesterday Silas was revving up for his day - "Stop it Bubba! Stop! It! No, Mama! No Want TO!" at 6 a.m. Perfect.

5. Little Silas and his words. He's talking in simple sentences now. I'm not sure that just anyone would understand what he's saying, but if you speak Silas, he has plenty to say. I love his fiesty little spirit. He also loves to be excited, or point out (imaginary) exciting things, just to get a reaction from us. "Ooh! Look! Monster!" He'll whisper, so that we will say, "Monster! AAH!" and he can laugh. He's such a fun kid.

6. Next week is Holy Week, the most meaningful week in the liturgical year. That deserves its own post, though, so I'll wait to say more.

Out of time - just 6 today. Happy Friday all.

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Madame Rubies said...

My kids don't chatter in their beds in the morning. Why? Because either I am waking them up and dragging them unhappily from those beds on school days or they pop out of the beds as soon as their eyes pop open.

What I wouldn't give for bed chattering in the mornings. LOL!

And my word scramble is "yormine." So, I guess you're mine. :)