Saturday, February 13, 2010

mud! extra laundry! hooray!

It's true. In response to my raspberry, yesterday looked like this:

Snow is a big deal in Alabama.

At several points in my life, I've said something along the lines of, "NOW I feel like an adult." Signing life insurance, signing our first mortgage, crying in my first OB's office - they all felt like rites of passage into adulthood. But seriously, nothing has ever made me feel as old as yesterday, when I watched the falling snow and rather than exclaiming, "Look! It's snowing! Hooray for snow!" I thought - great. More days of being trapped inside by mud and cold.

I felt about 82 right then.

But I did push through and feign some enthusiasm, for the sake of Silas and the pictures I knew I would wish I'd taken after the snow had melted (Asher spent the day at his grandma's, where he made a snowman with celery arms, just the way God intended). So we bundled up and went outside for about fifteen minutes, which is about as long as anybody who doesn't own proper shoes and gloves really enjoys the snow anyway. And a good time was had by all. Even me.

Look Mom! Gloves!

He's watching the snow fall. Pretty.

I love this picture. Silas has learned to pose at the camera.

Watching Taylor in the snow is almost as much fun as watching the kids. The dog is positively invigorated by cold weather. Here he is, looking like a puppy again.

Every time we would say, "Look Silas, it's snowing!" Silas would burst into spontaneous applause and shout, "HOORAY!" Like so:


And my favorite of the day - he's laughing at his dad here, who was attempting to ski, a la Risky Business, across the yard. Silas and Taylor found it equally amusing.

One to grow on: across town, Asher and Grandma were making their own fun:

With celery arms. Of course.

Happy de-mudding, all.


Kendra said...

That must have taken them FOREVER to create a snowman that size which such little snow!!

ljkgates said...

As you age you must change a WHOLE lot because I was so excited about the snow and Asher coming over. He and I spent over two hours playing in the snow and the only time I didn't feel like a kid again was when I stepped on the very edge of the grass next to the driveway, sank down into the mud from ALL the rain, fell on my knee and then landed on my butt in the mud! When it was time to get up off of the driveway, well, I guess I felt like I was 80! But once I was up I became a kid again playing with Asher. I am sore and black and blue but I would do it again in a heartbeat. My, how time changes things!

Brian and Ella said...

i think we wrote the same post. :)
...and is that asher wearing socks for gloves??? if so, nate had to do the same thing...we kept running out of gloves/mittens that were not soaking wet and freezing cold that we resorted to socks on the hands! we are so not prepared for snow!! :)

i'm right with you on the whole mud and laundry thing, too. not only did friday's rendezvous in the snow make a heaping basket full of dirty laundry, but then this afternoon brian took the boys to the ballpark down the street to play baseball...of course, in the mud. another round of laundry for me! totally worth it, though! :)

Lisa said...

I'm impressed by the snowman. We've had multiple episodes of 3-5 inches and more of snow and have yet to find that perfect "packable" snow for a snowman. Probably because it's too cold.