Sunday, November 15, 2009


At first my inner perfectionist - the one who has been crucified with Christ, but likes to raise her ugly head in dismay occasionally - was disappointed. The pink-to-chocolate seam was uneven, the candy coating wouldn't get smooth enough, the sprinkles were sticking to my fingers. Bakerella I am not, friends. But then I thought of Ina Garten - she likes for baked goods to look rough around the edges - TRIES to make them rough around the edges, even, because she says homemade food should not look like it came from a bakery. Then I decided those uneven seams were kind of cute.

Overall -
Cake balls? Yes please.
Cake ball cupcakes? Probably, but only for weddings or birthdays.

Enjoy your Sabbath.


Brian and Ella said...

yum! I, too, am a perfectionist, but I agree with Ina..."rough around the edges" looks delicious!! :)

by the way, my birthday is coming up in january...


Kendra said...

I think they look delicious around the edges.


123 123 said...
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mikkee said...

a-men! how they taste is most important and i want one:)