Sunday, October 18, 2009

This is me, stealing time.

Brian has been at the reunion all weekend. The kids and I have had a fun weekend though - have I mentioned how much I LOVE having two toddlers? And how much EASIER my life is now compared to a year ago? SO nice. But I digress. We spent the morning in the park with Andrew (Asher is such a different child outside! No hitting, no time-outs. He's free to run off every ounce of his nearly three-year-old energy, and I am free to enjoy hanging out with my child without trying to keep him from walloping his next victim), made pumpkin cake balls in the aftenoon (which got a tiny bit hairy because it was much harder to tint the almond bark than I anticipated, so I was dipping cake balls right when Silas woke up. Boiling candy while Silas is toddling around me? Iffy, friends). And then Silas spent the night with Grandma, while Asher and I went to dinner in a restaurant (SO exciting for him), then came home and watched another segment of the Cars movie. It was a fun day, but this morning I woke up and realized - the next seventy two hours are about to be packed, I have clean laundry everywhere, and I haven't yet prepared for our Bible study tomorrow. So this morning I'm stealing a few hours. I'm skipping church to mop, fold clothes, and get ready for the week.

I know you didn't need a list of my to-do list. I was mostly stopping in to tell you a. I feel like I'm getting away with something by staying home without children this morning.
b. Pumpkin cake balls are cute. But DUDE, tinting almond bark to orange is tricky.
c. I am really excited about the change in season - in both the weather and in our lives. I start my new job this week, we're headed up for potentially our last trip to Nashville this weekend, and Silas is morphing into a little boy. To everything, turn, turn, turn.

Happy pumpkin cake ball eating day.

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papilio588 said...

Pumpkin cake balls sound amazing!! I'm making devil food's with cream cheese icing cake balls this week. :) But I'll definitely have to try pumpkin!