Tuesday, October 20, 2009


First, a disclaimer - if you have never spent any time in church youth groups or youth camps, this will mean nothing to you. It's a little bit of an inside joke, I'm afraid. But it's just too good not to share.

Okay, so let's be honest. Back in its hay day, the band's bread and butter was in Strong Tower, Ain't No Rock (whoop whoop) (Brian is now singing "Ain't no eagle ..." if there's anybody out there who cares). The epic journey of Days of Lot would have been significantly less epic were it not for the Amazing Grace Battle of the Bands or In the Secret. They were largely a camp worship band who traveled around reminding people what it was like to be at camp. Not that I'm criticizing it - it was great and good, but now it's over. Musically, we've all ... moved on. I'm out of the phase of life where worship music involves hand motions. These days my house is full of RUF-ish style hymns, or Worship Circle. Not much with the Star Trekking anymore.

Until last week, when the Ghost of 2003 possessed my little boy, and out from the abyss I heard -

"Na na nanananana, na, na, nanananana! Na na nananana, Na na nananana!"

And like one pterodactyl calling another, I instinctively sang, "Every move I make I make in you ..."

"You know it too!" Asher replied.

Maybe it's like their curls or their love of All Things Grilled - maybe camp music is in my children's blood too. In Asher's little preschool worship hour they have resurrected full contact worship music, and he can't get enough of it. Apparently they sing Every Move I Make, complete with a phenomenon known as "Na-na legs", which are a kind of two-year-old version of the Charleston. Upon their demonstration, Silas thought Na-na legs looked too intriguing not to join in, and both of my children were jumping and sashaying around the room, singing, "Na na nanana, Na na nanana!"

And just like that, another generation is hooked.


Brian and Ella said...

oh yes, we're doing it over here, too!!

we had fun with you all the other night...and a couple of nights before that, too! :) we're still talking about those pumpkin balls...my brian was raving!

Madame Rubies said...

For David, it was, "Our God is an awesome Gog, he reigns..." And yes, he said the second one as "Gog." No matter how often I corrected him. Could have been worse. Could have been "Our God is an awesome Dog..."

Kendra said...


Oh the hand motions...how I miss thee...