Saturday, October 03, 2009

just some things

1. I love dried dates more than seems reasonable. I only eat them in cereals usually, but I bought a package this week to try in recipes.

2. I am hooked on Food Network, Smitten Kitchen, and Bakerella. This is so not good. As long as I keep giving away whatever I am baking, it's fine, but I don't need to keep sweets in the house. My self-control lies in what I have available. When I have fruit available, that is what I eat, without complaint. But when I have cookies available, I eat them. Until they are gone. So not good.

3. However, I at least have some good guinea pigs handy, because seriously nearly every single friend I have - from the neighborhood and in Bible study - is pregnant right now. It's time for the next wave of babies, I suppose.

4. Having said that, I have come to appreciate - even love - the culture that grows out of the Catholic teaching of openness to life. I don't know how to describe it, exactly. But being open to life necessarily means you must be accepting of life, as well. I love the way of thinking that accepts the chaos of small children as a normal part of the rhythm of life, rather than a force to tame, or an obstacle to overcome, or a phase to suffer through. There are moments when I am tired and/or overwhelmed, but in general I love my life, and I love being surrounded by people who share that joy.

5. Having said THAT, I'm also content with my current (non-pregnant) station in life.

6. But speaking of being pregnant, did you know Kendra is expecting twins?! SO EXCITING.

Really, that's all I've got today. New life and date recipes. And a quote, by a Native American man who is the director of Yosemite (I believe) from the NPT series on the history of National Parks. He said, "We smile to think of white men discovering Yosemite. We have known it for thousands of years. We didn't need to discover it. It was never lost."

Enjoy your weekend.


Kendra said...

I am pregnant!!!

Hooray!! =)

And I honestly have never tried dried dates.

I am the same way about sweets, if they are in my house, they are gone. If I don't buy them, I won't eat them. I have too much pride to drive all the way to the store just for ice cream....ah pride...

Lisa said...

As an NFP teacher, I've had the privilege of teaching people over and over about the theology behind what we do. And while NFP teaches couples to work within their cycles to be able to achieve OR avoid a pregnancy, it's amazing to see how many couples are "seduced" by their knowledge of fertility and go on to conceive (on purpose) more children than they ever thought they'd want. It's beautiful to watch.