Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First, a disclaimer: all is well in my neck of the woods. But tonight I am exceptionally tired, and it is immovable FACT in our house that when I am this kind of tired, nothing is ever right. Nothing tastes good, nothing looks good, and nobody can do anything to make it better. Guess I'll just go eat worms.

I am tired (and cranky) because I dipped a toe in the working world today, staying up most of the night because my son had a dream about spiders (which Brian addressed, I need to add - but for the last year it takes me hours to fall back asleep once I wake up, so his bad dream that did not involve me in any way led to two episodes of West Wing and this side of 4 a.m. before I fell back to sleep), then working from 8-2:30, picking up the children (one sans nap, one napping too early and creating faaaar too much distance between nap and dinnertime), coming home, preparing for company of the newborn variety (there's almost no other way for me to see baby H than for my sister to hold him on my couch for a while, and she was kind enough to do so this afternoon), then running the evening circus alone.

All of that to say - whew. I am exhausted. And today was only ONE DAY. My hat is off to working mothers.

Good night all.

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Mrs. Shehane said...

You ARE a working mom, Steph! Let's face it: All moms work. Hats off to MOMS -- I know two of the best I've EVER SEEN and their initials are STEPHANIE AND ALLISON. You make me proud -- both of you.

Big Daddy and I are so very, very blessed.