Monday, August 03, 2009

true stories

We all have a summer cold (BOO) and I have absolutely no interest in spending much time on the computer tonight. There's an episode of America's Funniest Home Videos calling my name (by the way, I have two new shows to watch - America's Funniest Home Videos and Amazing Wedding Cakes. Yes, they do still make episodes of AFV, as it is known among fans, and it is every bit as funny as it was back in the day. How many times can watching someone fall down make you laugh? EVERY TIME, friends. It is also CLEAN and NOT reality television, which are my top requirements for good tv. Also, Amazing Wedding Cakes is WAY better than Cake Boss. It is a longer show, so it demonstrates more of the actual work that goes into the cakes, plus there is less ego. Less ego equals better television.)

But I digress.

I'm off to hold down the couch for a few hours, but first, a few moments from my day that just can't go unnoticed. Such as:

1. Asher has finally come to the realization that it was his BARN that mooed way back when and scared the peediddle out of him in the dead of night, not the actual cow. He has now decided all cows are redeemable and not scary at all, and he. loves. them. He walks around with one in particular in his hand or pocket all the time, announcing, "I love my cow! He didn't moo at me! He loves me! He is my animal!" Every time he holds up the cow to make his Proclamations, Silas moos (lips and chin sticking straight out, for effect). It is the best thing ever.

2. On the way home from the groomer, Asher asked if dogs wear bras.

3. On the same ride home, he kept asking me about NPR (which I was attempting - however futile - to hear over the din in the backseat). He thought they were saying Magical Public Radio. I thought my Republican friends would enjoy that.

4. Asher also calls the space between his nose and his upper lip his "muskrat."

5. At the groomer's today, Asher bit Silas on the hand (completely maliciously - this is not the toddler-teether-biting of last summer, this is YOU PISSED ME OFF AND I'M GOING TO BITE YOU biting, and every one of you were right. The difference is obvious). Silas - who was already congested and weepy and generally miserable - completely fell apart, and Asher lost his chance to poke around the pet store for fun. (Picture me: shedding golden retriever attached to my arm as he's doing the slow run down the center aisle, while I'm pushing a monstrosity known as a double stroller and attempting not to trip - slapstick style - over the leash wrapped around my legs. Meanwhile, Asher is removing flesh from his brother and Silas is flailing, head thrown backward and completely flushed, screaming his protest, nose pouring ... yeah, it was like that.) I actually heard myself saying, "When you bite your brother, you don't get to see the parakeets," and it was all I could do not to laugh out loud at the whole scenario.

With that I'm off. Happy Monday everyone.


Baron said...

This conservative friend listens to "Magical" Public Radio every morning. Something about Steve Inskeep's voice says, "Good morning! The sun is up! The birds are chirping! There was a minor skirmish in Pakistan last night that left three children dead! The sky is blue!"

I don't know what it is. Actually, for all of the flak NPR takes for being liberal (and it is liberal), you'd be surprised how many conservatives listen to it.

Nick M. said...

I too love NPR (particularly in the mornings) but as you are well aware I am many things but conservative isn't one of them.

Moving on.

I don't know the wedding cake show, I don't care about Cake Boss, but I will say I LOVE Ace of Cakes. It is very much not about ego, its about an overgrown child (Duff) who has fun making amazing cakes and often using things like wood, welding, and fireworks to make his visions come to life. If you haven't seen it yet check it out.

Jason said...

First off...I too have a massive cold/flu/sinus thing going and its making my life pretty crappy right now ...
Second Herr Mielke is right about Ace of Cakes -Great Show that I think i turned him on to watching(although I am sure he will say its the other way around)
Cake Boss makes me nervous but then again just about everything makes me nervous ..
Hope yall feel better

Stephanie said...

It's either NPR or the ipod in my car.

ljkgates said...

I can just imagine how many times people in the pet store have watched the security video of the Gates family having so much fun!

Lisa said...

Aah...toddlers. Gotta love how their little minds work.

mikkee said...

this made me laugh out loud and believe you me...i needed it today. i can mentally picture the 4 of you at the groomer's.

and, the cow story is sweet and hysterical, but the cherry on top is silas' contributory moo.

The Bean said...

Nice! Kids are too funny. I love the muskrat!!! I am going to have to check into that cake show. I don't know of that one.