Sunday, August 16, 2009

now for something completely different.

I enjoy cooking, to a degree. It is not my passion, nor my best feature, but I'm not terrible at it. I most enjoy baking, because I love the ability to finish a project. You start with butter and sugar, and look! A cake. Beautiful.

But because of my husband's crazy stomach, we have given up on trying new recipes very often. He can't eat anything too spicy, or too creamy, or too cheesy. Fried food is out of the question. Marinades? Sometimes they will be okay, but it's impossible to predict when those times will be. Basically anything with too much flavor won't work. Rather than trying new foods, we have tried to make our (limited) diet taste as good as possible. He has perfected grilled salmon, and I have finally figured out how to get the right texture for scones. Things like that.

So when I followed a link and found smitten kitchen, I was excited. It's quasi-normal foods, only REALLY good and not calling for random who-has-that?! ingredients. I tried her recipe for cream cheese pound cake this week, and it was my favorite so far.

All of that to say, Smitten Kitchen. You're welcome.

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maughry said...

That website looks awesome. We're really committed to cooking in more this fall after a summer of eating out and especially now that we no longer have a dorm like sized kitchen...

Oh, wait, I just told Lane about this on your blog and he goes "NO WAY, that's where I found that salsa recipe earlier today" (note: he found a salsa recipe earlier today) "I need to comment on her blog and say 'FIRST!'"

So I said, I'd do it for him. Lane says "FIRST!"