Monday, August 10, 2009

it's only taken 13 months.

Two toddling boys.
Facing the camera.
Not climbing on top of one another.
Not walking away.
Not talking or pointing to something random.
Not crying.
Not wearing food encrusted t-shirts and a diaper.
Not nude.
At the same time.

Dude, even the DOG is looking at the camera.
And smiling.

It may be 2018 before it happens again, so enjoy.


Jamie said...

This made me giggle....because I totally get it!

papilio588 said...

AND they are matching. Another point for mom. :)

okierivermama said...

it will happen again...but there will be baby food on the camera lens and your eyes wont stay open enough to take the pic....not sure how far apart your boys older two are 10 months apart...every single picture I have until this year*5 and 6* one or the other has some kind of bruise, scratch, scar, or other blemish upon their face in every major picture takin episode...

aubrey said...


mikkee said...

Hysterical. I can see Silas thinking, "Am I related to that goofball?"

Kendra said...

HA! I love it! Almost as much as "look, it's me and the lawnmower!"