Wednesday, August 12, 2009

catching up

My toddling blog is a little ... dry. I'm just not in a groove yet, you know? It still feels like I'm talking to an empty room, sitting on a metal folding chair ... It'll get there. And I still think it's a good idea. I'm only bringing this up to say, please be patient until I gain a little confidence. Personality to return soon.

So I wanted to tell you guys a little about how the kids are doing, because it's been at least a week since I've updated you, and surely you all dying to know.

Silas James is becoming his own little person, with his own little temper tantrums, and his only little desire to bite or throw things when angry. I am having to start responding to him like a TODDLER, and not like the adorably tiny baby he still is in my head, and it's breaking my heart. Him, not so much. Actually, he doesn't seem to have even noticed yet that times, they are a-changing around him. But I'm noticing every single marker, every little proof that he is no longer an infant, and every time I think ... MY BABY. Feel free to laugh in my face at any time.

But Silas is also growing, and showing more of a comprehension of the world around him every day. After he finishes his dinner, he will sing our bathtime song, showing he understands our routine. He also has a word (approximation) for snack, and will sign "eat" and say "nana" for "banana" (lots of interest in language at mealtimes, because THE BOY LOVES FOOD). (Speaking of, we bought a snack trap a few weeks ago for him. Snack traps, where have you been all my life? I'm so impressed, and I'm not easily impressed by contraptions. But watching him strut around, so completely proud of the fact that he gets to - occasionally - walk and eat at the same time, cracks me up every time.) He says, "uh-oh," "all done," "water,"and "juice" and attempts "blueberry"; he also attempts "dog-dog" and "brother". He knows the motions to "happy and you know it" and "where is thumpkin", and is completely capable of running away from you if you're wielding medicine or a clean diaper. Silas is also using some pretend play, stirring a spoon in a bowl, or trying to feed me his cup. (Case in point: while I was finishing up this post he picked up my cell phone and said, "Lo!?" and brought it to me.) He loves to hug stuffed animals, and will walk around with a giraffe or Mickey Mouse doll 3/4 the size of him in his arms, burying his face into it and saying, "Oh-wee." It is every BIT as cute as it sounds.

Man I love that boy.

Silas is also in the THROES AND WOES of separation anxiety. Our church nursery worker deserves ... something. Any time he even THINKS I could be leaving his sight, he completely falls apart. I know it's normal and passing, but he doesn't know that, and it's still sad for us both. The nursery worker assures me he settles down when I leave, and doesn't start up again until the end, when he sees the other moms picking their babies up. He cries anytime the nursery door opens and it's not me walking through it. Sad. But he's also in a different room from Asher, and I think that makes a difference. There is literally almost no moment in his life when he is away from all three of us, and if he is, he's with his grandmother. He doesn't know about being alone in the big wide world yet.

Oops, I used up my time talking about Silas. It'll be Asher's turn next.

Happy ... is it Wednesday? all.

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