Monday, July 13, 2009

Um, yes. So maybe if your two-year-old son is at the tail end of about five weeks with very little routine, and comes down with a fever that lasts the better part of four days ... maybe that is not the best moment to assess his behavior.

And maybe - I'm just spitballing here - if you can't find any preschool programs (that are not "Mommy and Me") for two-year-olds, it's because no adult in their right MIND is going to take on teaching a group of two-year-olds ANYTHING without some back-up, because all they are going to do is run in circles and hit one another.

And maybe I should stop comparing my particular two-year-old to all the little three-year-old girls in our circle of friends. Sweet little diminuitive children who are content to read books for hours on end and will sit through an entire movie voluntarily, and whose idea of fun is very - very - different from a two-year-old boy's.

And maybe I should stop assuming that just because he uses phrases like, "Excuse me! I need a little privacy!", he actually understands the right context for those phrases. And just because he's as tall as a three-year-old, and has the vocabulary of a three-year-old, does not mean he's a three-year-old. He's not even close, actually.

In other words, maybe I should quit freaking out over nothing, back off, and let Asher be two for a while longer.

Ya think?


mikkee said...

ha! i am so glad that i am going to have your wisdom when my time comes b/c i will be calling you.

Brian said...

are you tellin me asher's not a three year old girl!!?

Kendra said...

I haven't raised any of my own yet, but I do know that boys and girls are just SO different at those ages! I hate to stereo-type, but if we're honest, MOST stereo-types at least got started for a reason...
anyways, I was a preschool teacher for years. Both 3 years olds and Pre-K, and you could give the little boys a basketball and they would see how high they could kick it, while the little girls would take that same basketball, wrap it in kleenex, and try and rock it to sleep.