Sunday, July 12, 2009

in which i ask for advice. again.

Asher has a fever virus. I know they are really common, but it's the first time anyone in our house has had it, and fevers put me a little on edge (I am constantly waiting for him to have a seizure, which I KNOW is not that common, but Brian and I both had febrile seizures as kids, and I'm neurotic, remember?). Anyway, boo for fevers that interrupt sleep and don't mean anything is actually wrong and don't break for days. Boo, I say.

But I'm not asking for advice on febrile seizures (praise Jesus) or on fever viruses. (Which would be - do whatever you can to keep the fever down and keep them hydrated. To that end, Asher is eating a popsicle and iced tea for breakfast. GOOD WORD for the sugar, but I really don't care. Keeping him hydrated is becoming an issue. But I just opened up a cup-sized, totally fake, rasberry-flavored, don't-even-look-at-the-ingredients popsicle for him. When I told him it was rasberry-flavored, he said, "But where are the rasberries?" Bless his little wholesome heart.) I don't want to talk about any of that. I want to talk about resources for 2 and 3-year-olds.

Asher needs some time consistently away from me, to build independence and friendships. Mother's Morning Out is not the best option for us this year (maybe next?), and I'm having a hard time thinking of what kinds of extra-curricular type things he could do. Everything that I'm aware of starts at age 3 - soccer and preschool library classes and even VBS and Sunday school all begin at age 3, to my knowledge. What other ideas do you guys have? I swear, ballet and gymnastics start practically at BIRTH for little girls, but little boys have fewer options (to my knowledge - but I'm a girl and I wasn't raised with brothers, so maybe I'm overlooking something?) I guess it is an option to just wait until he's 3, but have you met my child? Verbally and cognitively he's three years old. Socially, though, he's not. Which is why I need some suggestions.

I'm also interested in preschool curriculums that I could thumb through for next school year (isn't it funny how much of our lives revolve around school calendars, even though nobody in my house is in school right now?). I have an idea about general concepts for his age, but I need some new blood in terms of activities, materials, books, etc. we could do at home. And I have learned about myself that I'm not a verbatim lesson plan type of teacher. I really love learning that is experiential and initiated by the child (though set up with the right materials by an adult) and can "flow" a little better than lesson plans often allow. But new ideas are a must. Any suggestions?

I'm also going to compile a list of the free activities for young children in our area. There are some things I've been overlooking (apparently there is an agricultural museum in town with a hands-on section for kids? And what toddler boy wouldn't love to a cow and tractor museum?), and I want to make a list so that when I'm thinking - oh my GOSH we need something interesting to do today or I'm going to lose my mind! I can look at my handy little list. So, help, please! Send all of your suggestions my way.

Enjoy your Sabbath.


The Review Lady said...

Not sure about free, but it is a city program so there may be a sliding scale... but Armory gymnastics starts at age 2. I know gymnastics are traditionally considered a female kind of sport, but there are quite a few males there (our nephews went through) and the main website even has several fellas on the main page. Good luck with your search!

Jeff, Carrie, Kara Beth, and Kaylan said...

yeah, i was going to say that gymnastics would be great for asher. There are boys in our program too. they have classes here starting at 2 (some of them it's a mom and me class). it's good to help kids learn how to listen and follow instruction and respect other kids and it helps get a lot of energy out!!!

Anonymous said...

ballet and gymnastics :)