Friday, July 24, 2009

7 quick takes

I have really gotten into the Conversion Diary blog lately, so I decided to play along this time with her weekly 7 Quick Takes.

1. Silas' tummy trouble continues. We have increased his medication, but he is still waking up at night and needing Maalox to go back to sleep. Also, his diapers are not normal (I'll spare you more detail than that) and his appetite has decreased. Either he's not tolerating the soy or he's not tolerating the wheat. It's hard to say, since we started them both essentially at the same time. We're taking him off soy starting today, and so far his appetite is a little more normal. We'll see how the rest of it goes. But I have to tell you it just feels wrong to give my child nothing but juice and/or water all day. Also, aside from broccoli and spinach, what are other non-dairy (and non-soy) sources of calcium?

2. I've been thinking about submission lately, how submission in marriage is a reflection of our life in Christ. Laying down selfishness and considering someone else's needs above your own is the essence of what it means both to follow Christ and to love your spouse. Brian and I believe strongly in the whole of Ephesians 5 (not just the individual verses that get misquoted so often), which can be summed up in a single verse: "Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ." Submit to one another ... Submission and unity - in marriage and in the Church - are recurring themes in my life right now. But more on that later.

3. Asher's tantrums have subsided - praise Jesus - just by resuming normal life and normal time with Brian. Even though Brian's schedule has remained as demanding as it has been all summer, we have both been very intentional about making sure Asher and Silas get to spend whatever time with him they possibly can, and Asher has come around as a result. Little boys need their dads. And I need them to be around their dads, because tantrums - like snow - accumulate by magnitude. They can reach a point where I am lost as to how to best handle the moment, so if at all possible, we're going to avoid letting it go that far again.

4. On the developmental test I use, there is a question under motor development for 10-13 months that says, "Enjoys walking for its own sake." Check. Silas laps our house, all day long. He has also started picking up a little toy of his by the handle, announcing, "Bye-bye," and strutting off to another room. As though he has places to be.

5. Also? Silas has discovered the FUN of swings.

6. It's harder to describe Asher's development these days, since he's passed all the obvious milestones of babyhood. But as he grows, his language is maturing - he's asking questions and really "getting" things more. I can see him sorting through new experiences and making sense of them by talking about them. Yesterday on our walk he said, "I'm just going to stop and think about it for a minute." And I snapped this picture. I have no idea what they'll be like in life, but in babyhood, I seem to have one little thinker and one little do-er, and I love them both for it.

7. Every time I read this blog I thank God for my healthy children. Jillian's story is one of faithfulness even in grief, but I can't ever think of her without remembering how thankful I am, and how much I have been spared.

Happy Friday.


Nick M. said...

"snow accumulates by a magnitude"...that sounds vaguely familiar! ;-)

Madame Rubies said...

I like this style of blogging. David and Haydn have passed those babyhood milestones too. Now, we are onto school milestones. Reading, writin, etc... Fun.

ljkgates said...

This is one of your best blogs ever. However this G'ma needed tissues. Those too little boys are so precious I wouldn't miss this part of life for anything.