Tuesday, June 23, 2009


1. One more "what I've learned" post is in my head; I really hope I get to write it down before it goes the way of all blog ideas. We'll see.

2. Tubes? Nothing to them. We arrived at 6:30 a.m., and were home by 8:30 a.m. We've used this hospital for two other outpatient procedures, and both times have been unenthused (but not completely dissatisfied) with our experiences. But babies are a different story. They were very aware of his comfort and mine. He was the very first one to go to surgery, and as soon as they were done they took me to him (even though it was a logistical inconvenience to the doctor). Other than the anticipated fussiness and disorientation while waking up, he's been completely fine. He has slept most of the past two days, actually, which I'm assuming is a combination of recovery from our busy week and the anesthesia still in his system. Like I said, nothing to it.

3. As funny as this may sound, Asher is having more trouble than Silas right now. Little introverted Asher was OVER the party thing by about 6:30 pm on Saturday. He did not realize that the party was just getting started, with a new church (and new nursery and new friends) on Sunday and staying the night at my mom's house (which is always a party) on Sunday night. Then our air went out Sunday about 10 pm, so rather than coming home after Silas's surgery on Monday, Asher came to stay with us at Grandma's house (while Grandma is on vacation). At 3:30 a.m., I heard Asher's little voice saying, "Mama I need you. I want to go HOME. I want to go HOME, Mama." Poor kid. We're home now, though, and aside from the predictable lack of interest in cooperating, he seems a little more settled.

4. As promised, here are a few highlights from the weekend:

Silas was not at all concerned that he was eating watermelon while the rest of the party was eating cake.

Mikkee is BELOVED in our home.

So is Elizabeth.

Here is a picture from the actual dedication. I would have loved to take some posed pictures afterwards, but it was just too hot, and the kids were too restless. We went immediately to the water toys instead. Georgia's Mom performed the dedication ceremony, and it was perfect - sweet and rising up out of love for Christ and love for Silas. I loved it.

The party eats. Except, see that watermelon? It's a cake. I know! I can't get over how cool the birthday cake was. My friend Lauren made it for us. Isn't she talented?

Family picture - the first since Christmas, I think. Three out of four people looking the same direction isn't bad when you have young kids.

Click here to see the rest on Flickr.

5. I love my friends. Thank you all - Elizabeth, Mikkee, Lauren, Georgia's Mom, Aunt Scooter, and everyone else - for all that you did to be a part of Silas's weekend.

Now. Back to reality.


Kendra said...

Glad to hear (read) the surgery went so smoothly!!
And that is a great family picture and hands down the coolest cake I have ever seen!!

mikkee said...

it was a pleasure to be a part of the weekend!

aubrey said...

i am UTTERLY, DEVASTATINGLY (sp?) UNBELIEVABLY sad I missed it! I HATE work! Our census was too high and acute for me to be able to take off! I hope I am forgiven! I still have a gift for that baby... I would love for him to have it. maybe one day I can drop it by....