Thursday, June 25, 2009

my fifteen minutes' worth

There is this whole fad about writing for 15 minutes every day on your blog right now, and it makes me smile a little, because that is the only way I ever get anything posted on my blog most of the time. As I've said before, pretty much whatever falls out of my head in between breakfast and when the laptop goes to work, or at naptime while I'm waiting on the laundry to dry - that's what you get. You're welcome. So ...

- watermelon was a false alarm. Praise. Jesus. Apparently part of the watermelon was ripe and another part wasn't? Is that even possible? I don't know. But it tasted super gross, Silas ate easily two cups of it, and he never threw up. Whew.

- I just have to say, Mary's comments about Governor Sanford cracked me up. That is EXACTLY what we've been saying to one another in our house since Monday. How ya gonna sneak off to another country and NOT GET CAUGHT?! You're a GOVERNOR. I can't even go to the bathroom without announcing it in my house, and I don't even have press coverage. Please.

- Jon and Kate make me sad too. And seriously, get off the air. Leave your kids some dignity. The end.

- Anyone want some left over birthday cake? Because did you SEE how big Silas's cake was? It was, um, the size of a watermelon. I'm faithfully whittling it down, but I could have a whole other birthday party with the leftovers.

- Laura emailed me pictures of the kids at Harper and Lily's birthday party (from May). These two are my favorites (thanks to Jackie for the great pictures):

Time's up. Lunch is ready.


Mercy's Maid said...

I agree with you about John and Kate. I can't imagine how having your reaction to your parents' divorce broadcast to the world would be healthy.

Madame Rubies said...

Oh, you must frame the pic of Silas and Brian.

mary said...

What happened with the AC? It's been cold and raining here but it looks like there has been a heat wave in the south. We drive from MA to lake martin next weekend and Lane wants to camp but I told him I'm not sleeping outdoors south of NC.