Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I just fed Silas rancid watermelon. A LOT of rancid watermelon.

(How was I to know that the watermelon we had last night, that tasted not-completely-sweet but definitely-not-rancid, and stayed in the fridge all night long, would go bad?!)

But wait - I've been feeding him rancid watermelon all day long. Pretty sure he's had it all three meals.

He hasn't thrown up yet.

Maybe, just maybe ... I've left him in the high chair now (thank you Noggin for distracting him a while) so that if he gets sick he won't be on the rugs.

So much for that Mother of the Year award. Tonight I'll settle for the Mother Who Doesn't Have to Clean Up Vomit (and doesn't vomit herself!) award.

Wish me luck, and Silas a strong stomach.

The end.

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The Bean said...

How did you figure out it was rancid?svcltch