Sunday, May 24, 2009

sunday morning thoughts

(I've been channeling Janet this weekend, which explains the different style this morning. Also, I have exactly six minutes to say what's been brewing all weekend. We'll see how it goes.)

Sunday morning, kids at Grandma's, we drank coffee and watched the news.
And the house is so clean
and quiet
and empty.
I keep thinking, it could have been this way, our life could have gone this way.
Two incomes, dinners in restaurants, morning news with our coffee, every day.
It would have been so comfortable
and pristine
and empty.
I think about that moment in Halle and Todd's kitchen, when they were putting their six-nearly-seven children to bed,
I stood in the empty room and thought of their two oldest, so pretty and obedient
It could have been their life, oneboyonegirl, close in age, get it out of the way
Wrapped with a bow, on to other things.
But think what they would have missed.
All of those first steps, first smiles, first birthdays, first Communions - fantasy, not memory.
Inconvenient, loud, messy, disobedient as they are
Their lives are so full
and blessed.
Lord, send me the mess.


Jason said...

I like this one ...Very nice!

Lisa said...

AMEN! I was thinking this after a recent trip to visit my brother as they went from four kids to five. Such chaos in that house...but so much love and so much fun too.

mary said...

Does this mean you are considering having at least five more? If so, maybe TLC will give you a reality show. I would watch it.

Stephanie said...

Mary, I don't know how many we'll have. But I do love the chaos of a big family.

But there is NO WAY I'm going to have a reality show. I don't even like the scrutiny of my fellow grocery shoppers. There is no way I would subject myself to the American public (or its press).

Nick M. said...

isn't it crazy when we think how different things could have been. we were talking about this last night. i wouldn't trade it for the world.