Sunday, January 04, 2009


Hi. This is me, waving my white flag.

Asher is sick. He woke up at 2 am with a fever and cough that sounded disturbingly like croup (I had croup once, remember? So I know it when I hear it). But it never developed into the full-blown consistent barking-hack of croup, so I no longer think that's what it is. He has an occasional fever, an occasional - bad - cough, and tonight he threw up his ice cream. But he's not nauseated, because he immediately wanted his pacifier back, then drank water and brushed his teeth without gagging. It sounds like the beginnings of the death crud my parents have had since before Thanksgiving, the death crud that has required three rounds of antibiotics and steroids before it was squelched, the death crud that caused me to avoid seeing my family for an entire month so as not to expose my children. Look at that, it found us anyway.

Also, Silas is teething. Seriously, HOW LONG have I been saying he's teething? Well, he's either nearing the end of the First Tooth blues or catching what Asher has, and I prefer to think it's his teeth. He no longer takes naps unless he's on me, and he cried so hard today when I put him on his back that I had to feed him for comfort. Yeah, as I'm writing that I'm thinking it might not be teeth. It might be ears, or the six month old version of impending death crud. At least he's not coughing yet.

I really can do okay when both kids are sick. We've been down this road before. I don't (usually) get frustrated or discouraged, so long as nothing else is expected from me. Birthday parties? Forget it. Grocery runs? Not a chance. Phone calls? Will be returned.

So if you live around me, beware. I'm not ignoring you specifically, so much as I'm just hunkering down. Try me again in February.

PS - Someone tried to call me collect today from a county jail in north Alabama. Anyone know anything about this?


Kendra said...

Wasn't me that called =-).
Will pray for some relief for your kiddo's, and energy for their mommy =-)

Nick M. said...

Sorry to hear about all the various cruds (death and otherwise). Hope it all blows over soon.

As for the jail phone calls. This used to happen a lot to a former boss of mine (preacher) and it is basically people getting their 'one phone call' a week or whatever, and they will dial random numbers hoping someone will accept the call just to have someone to talk to. I would not be concerned at all about this.

Madame Rubies said...

It was me. I got arrested for being gorgeous after labor day... or something like that. Sorry, insomnia. I feel a wee bit silly.