Tuesday, January 06, 2009

mush - updated with a bonus clarification

You people - you mothers, with your very young small early children underfoot, who read novels and think thoughts and paint and write and dream - you're like the people I knew in the dorm who would read books for fun during a study break. I could do nothing except play cards and eat junk food during a study break. I certainly couldn't read anything.

Motherhood has been like college in this way. In some sense I'm learning all the time, but my brain is so devoted to one thing that it has trouble concentrating on anything else, ever. I read all the time, but I don't read new books very often. Every few months I'll start to miss coherent thought, and it looks like I'm in one of those moods now. Today I stacked all of the books on my shelf that I keep meaning to read on my night stand, so at least I can fall asleep to something new for a while.

But don't ask me to make a list of what I've read this year, because unless Curious George or reruns of Harry Potter count, I've got nothing.

Just to clarify:
First, I mean this as a compliment to those of you who can do these things while being home with young children. I am impressed by your ability to multitask so well. It is not a talent we share.

Second, Brian pointed out this morning that if you only know what I say on the blog, you aren't hearing about a good chunk of my life. This is my space to think out loud. I sit in front of the computer, let whatever is in my head at that second fall out, then hit publish. Probably not the most efficient way to communicate, but it is what it is. And because I have other social outlets, you guys don't hear as much as you used to. I really do get out of the house. I am also away from my kids a little every week, but because I'm not usually away from them at the moment I am posting, you rarely hear about it. I really do have my own life, I just don't read many books anymore. That was the point of the post - I enjoy reading and need to do more of it. That's all. Otherwise, life is good.


Laura Mielke said...

the obvious question would be, "do you get enough time for yourself?" and i don't mean that thirty minutes you mentioned where you watch Montel or something (I hope you are laughing at that because I do kindof mean that to be funny but seriously, what show did you say you watch for like thirty minutes as your alone time????)

you have inspired me to post

Stephanie said...
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Unknown said...

Everyone is different. That's all. I am too ADHD to sit and watch TV alone. I need another person there who doesn't mind my talking, or I play a game on the computer while I watch. Or I fold laundry or craft. My mind is too jumpy, but - for some unknown reason - I can hyperfocus on a book. I generally do it in shirt spurts, but I can do it. And I read REALLY fast. So, the number of books I read doesn't reflect on the amount of time I spend reading. Also, I didn't get to finish college, so I like to read as my own edcation. Hee hee. I homeschool myself.

Laura is right. My first question would also be, Do you get enough time for yourself? I cannot function without plenty of solitude and plenty of adult-time away from my kids. I am not entirely certain God build me for motherhood. I am not interested enough in the active part of parenting. I am more interested in artistic and intellectual pursuits. I have little patience for activities that involve my children, b/c I get bored. Hence, my year of Patience. Somewhere in the middle of our two extremes is probably healthier than the both of us.

Lisa said...

I actually got better at focusing on a book after becoming a mom. I think my brain was too busy before. I got distracted easily by the deadlines and projects and whatnot. Parenthood has given me the uncanny ability to shut off the lists in my brain and slow down long enough to digest even the most difficult prose. Of course, this can only be accomplished when the child is asleep, so I still don't get A LOT of reading done, but more than you might think.

Anonymous said...

i am too tired to procrastinate about writing.