Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday evening

Of all the things I need to do right now, blogging is not one of them. So I will keep this brief.

Every now and then you'll see a bumper sticker in this area that says, "Just a little blue dot in a very red state." I used to have that sticker. This weekend, all of my fellow blue dots have been gathering. And it makes me laugh, because I've had conversations all weekend that sound something like this: "I can't say this to any of my new friends, but ..." and "What are they thinking? I mean, I know I don't have to convince YOU but you wouldn't believe the things I've heard other people say about ..." or "I know I'm preaching to the choir but ..." It's funny, because as much as I care about current events I mostly don't discuss it in real life, because like Lane (and especially in the Deep South), I am just a liiiitttle more liberal than the person in front of me (unless it's Lane, then he wins). And I would guess that some of my friends who have been talking about current events don't usually do so, either, for the same reason. But since we were all together, it was like a little bolstering was in order. Those stranded blue dots just wanted to be reminded that they aren't alone in their views. And they aren't.

Also - I've been mentally packing for Nashville all weekend (we leave in the morning, so by now I'm actually packing, but I've been making the list for a few days), and I've been laughing at all of the unnecessary baby JUNK I used to take when Asher was my only baby. Why did I take a high chair when I still needed the infant carrier? Things like that were just cumbersome and redundant, but at that time, it did not occur to me to use an infant carrier for more than carrying an infant. It's really no wonder that most firstborns are Type A, because their parents are so meticulous and (at times) silly. Carrie always says that having a second child made her a better mother, and I'm beginning to feel the same way about myself. I don't worry about things that aren't important anymore. It's freeing. Case in point: Silas will eat from his carrier this week. Also, he slept in the bed with me for two hours last night. I only had three hours uninterrupted sleep last night, so when he woke up at 5 and needed comforting, I put him beside me and patted his back until he dozed off. I would NEVER have even considered doing that when Asher was a baby, no matter how tired I was. Now I know better.

Having said that, packing two kids (and two pack and plays and one double stroller and diapers and blankets for a week) in the station wagon is going to test both my spacial skills (which, admittedly, are not stellar) and the capacity of the Subaru. Wish me luck.

And with that I'm off. If anyone reads this in the next hour or so, the Discovery Channel is showing Planet Earth right now, which is the best thing on television this year by a LONG SHOT (especially considering Friday Night Light's second season and the departure of Ed from Law and Order). Go. Enjoy. And I'll see you all after the New Year.


mary said...

sOh, I think Lane can sometimes be secretly conservative depending on the issue but he probably doesn't want me to advertise the details of that on the internets. I think I'm turning into a "bail-out" conservative. It's a SAD day when I find myself agreeing with Richard Shelby.

We had an interesting discussion in one of my seminars last year about what exactly constituted the "deep south" when I claimed to be "from there." But everyone agreed that either way Alabama counted.

Laura M. said...

haha.. mary is funny.

great post. i thought about you today and your drive. hope all is well. i can picture you driving the little green subura up 65 with Wilco or Ani Difranco singing or some book on tape and saying, "yes asher space ship (huntsville) no, no not potato chip, S-P-A-C-E-S-H-I-P"

I do realize it's actually a rocket but I couldn't think of a cute rhyme for rocket.

Stephanie said...

Mary, it's funny that you say that.

Sunday Asher met my friend Amanda, and I think he thought her name was Panda.

Friday he thought Valerie's name was Battery. So in the car Brian was practicing with him. "Val-er-ie," Brian said. "Ba-tter-y," Asher repeated.

Kendra said...

I am a blue dot in a blue state =-)
Oh, and I LOVE Planet Earth...good stuff.