Friday, December 12, 2008

First I want to say that I tell you guys things. You are my friends, and you hear my stories - of explosive diapers, temper tantrums, evenings gone awry, whatever. But you know I like my life, right? I really love it. Just so we all know.

Second, remember how I said we were doing our room for Christmas? Brian came home last night and said, "Merry Christmas!" and handed me this:

Isn't it peaceful and calm and not frumpy and not plaid or striped and beautiful? I'm so excited about it. And it gives us a starting point. Now we know what color to paint the walls, because now we have bedding. Hooray!

Third, the birthday party is tomorrow, and you should SEE how perfect the weather is. 60* and sunny. Hooray again!

That's all. Happy Friday.


aubrey said...

ITS PERFECT!!!! It's exactly what I pictured for you when i read your blog about wanting to do something to your room! I just finished mine too...maybe i'll post some pictures... see you tomorrow!

mary said...

The bedding is pretty. I'm actually not surprised that Brian would pick something like that out. Is that weird?

I hope the party is fantastic. I hope there will be a blog update with pictures!

Madame Rubies said...

60???!!! Gah, it is frigid here, but I am glad you have good weather for the party. :) Kiss Asher for me. Tell him it's from Mommy's Friend.

I LOVE that bedding. Corey would probably think the color was too feminine. He has way too many opinions on decor to be a man. He freaked when leila bought me polka dotted coffee cups and dessert plates. Seriously?

Carrie B said...

Happy Birthday Party Asher!!! Wish we were there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kendra said...

Catching up....LOVE the colors. Very tranquil. Can't wait to see the finished product!