Tuesday, November 04, 2008

election day

I'm not voting for Barack Obama.

I mean, I am, but he's not the reason I'm going to vote. I live in a red state. Fire engine red. Siren red. Schoolhouse red. Neither-candidate-ever-set-foot-here-because-what-would-be-the-
point, red. My candidate won't win my state, though I am hopeful he will win my country. I will vote for him, but it will more an exercise in symbolism than anything else.

It's not Barack Obama who will motivate me to pack a bottle and snacks, stand in two hour lines (300 people were waiting before the polls opened in our area), and take two babies to a voting booth. Can't you picture me, trying to keep Asher from pulling everyone else's levers while I stand behind the curtain and attempt to read a ballot? Yeah, it's not Barack Obama who makes me look forward to that moment. It's Bobby Bright. He's been good for our city, has run a campaign very well, and has even gotten positive national attention. A respected Democrat in Alabama? That's worth noticing. I want Bobby Bright to represent me in Congress, and there are just enough straight-ticket Republicans in our district that I'm a little nervous he won't. His opponent may win just because he's red. Not because he's qualified, not because he completely politicized his faith (which infuriates me and will lose my vote every time), but just because his name is on the right side of the ballot. And even in our flaming red state, it would be a shame to put a putz in Congress just because he's a Republican. The Presidential race will be decided by other states, but in the Congressional race my vote counts, and I'm not going to miss the chance to speak up.

So let the West Wing quotes and armchair quarterbacking begin. Today is the day we've all been waiting for.


Jason said...

Excellent ideas about voting for Bright ....Very nice Stephanie !!

Nick M. said...

I am with you about Bobby B. I am especially with you about Jay Love politicizing his faith, its a loser every time.

"Hey Anthony, I just voted! I'm going again..."

Elizabeth said...

I hate straight ticket voting. People don't even know who they are voting for most of the time. Especially in smaller races. Even if all of my election picks are from the same party, I always vote for each individual race. They worked hard to earn my vote...the least I can do is take time to read and check their names on the ballot.

I voted already (Olivia tried hard to punch the buttons for me). I think I must have hit the polls at just the right time because I heard there had been lines earlier, and I got right in. I hope you have the same luck. Wrestling two kids and keeping your place in line would be tough.

Lane said...

It's funny, when Mrs. H and I went to vote today, besides the "President" column and the "Senator" column (where John Kerry is running for re-election and should get it easily) there were probably five other offices up for grabs - all had Democrats running and none had challengers.

Of course, what happens too often here is that a putz gets elected just because they've got a "D" by their name. I don't think I voted for any putz's today, but there were one or two races that I had no idea about.

In politics, the putz is often indiscriminate of party, I think.

brian said...

"vote bobby bwight"-Asher electioneering outside our polling place today.

Mary said...

I love it. Put those toddlers to work for a good cause.

Check out this cutie... maybe she can campaign for Palin in 2012: