Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Halle, Todd, and their eight children once spent the night with us, back when we were in an apartment. I remember Halle commenting as soon as she walked in the door that she was afraid one of the kids would break something. This was before we had children, so I really didn't know what she meant. But this afternoon, I walked into the beach condo where we'll be for the next four days, and thought, I wonder what we're going to have to replace. Honestly, this place is beautiful (Margaret, your place is beautiful, and when I grow up and get a big girl house I'm going to have living room furniture just like yours). I feel a little like the Clampetts, with our peanut butter sandwiches and juice cups and - God forbid - crayons. Asher and I may be coloring in the parking lot this week. You think I'm kidding.

But here we are on our mini-vacation, and vacating we are. Brian spent his afternoon playing guitar, riding bikes, and - mostly -giving me a vacation, staying at the condo while Silas took a nap so that Asher and I could play at the beach. Asher and I enjoyed a quintessential afternoon in the sun; October is the perfect time to be in Florida. (When I grow up I'm going to be a Snowbird, too, although our decisions to live simply will probably hinder that daydream). I was reminded today how much Asher inherited his dad's sense of adventure, as he ran headlong into the rising tide no matter how many times it knocked him back into the surf. "Drums!" he called the waves, and the roar and rhythm of them seemed to prove him true.

Even little Silas is on vacation - a vacation from his crib. Because he is so funny about where he sleeps, we decided to bring the bassinet with us, instead of introducing the pack and play. Understand that he is exactly as long as his bassinet now. If he kicks, he hits his head. Even so, Silas was so excited to be back in his bassinet that he slept FOUR HOURS in it this afternoon. I finally woke him up and fed him dinner (an 11 oz bottle, people. 11.) so he didn't think his night started at 3 p.m. But you've never seen such a happy baby as Silas was this evening. Ah, the bassinet - just like the good old days.

And now Brian and I are watching the debate, enjoying the quiet and the good kind of tired, the fatigue that comes from playing outside. (As an aside, McCain is controlling the conversation, and that's never good for Obama. Also, Brian and I think they are scribbling the expletives they can't say aloud on their notepads while the other is talking. Or maybe they're playing hang man). I'll post pictures as we take them, but for now, good times are ahead.

Happy Wednesday.


Elizabeth said...

Someone needs to construct an expandable bassinet so your baby can sleep peacefully forever!

I like the idea about candidates scribbling expletives on their pads. Perhaps that is the only thing that allows them to keep it civil. Well, civil-ish.

Jeff, Carrie, Kara Beth, and Kaylan said...

sounds PERFECT!!! Enjoy your vacay!!!!