Friday, October 10, 2008

The movie The Secret Life of Bees is coming out next weekend. It's the first movie I've been excited to see since March of the Penguin. It's okay to laugh - I am okay with how out of touch I am with the world of entertainment. As an aside, we were asked to participate in one of the surveys that - I think - determines ratings for t.v. shows. I'm willing to do it, but part of me wants to tell them it's not really fair to pick me to say what stays on the air and what doesn't, because I don't care enough. They should ask a more interested consumer of their product - I know more about Noggin and TNT reruns than I do about network television. Anyway - The Secret Life of Bees. I hope the movie is as good as the book was. The book wasn't over the top life-changing good to me, the way it was to other people, but I still liked it.

Also, if The Secret Life of Bees was over the top life-changing-good to you, read Paradise, by Toni Morrison. It has a similar theme but is way better.


LMilky said...

I can't wait to see Secret Life of Bees!!! We should go see it together!

Madame Rubies said...

I loved Bees AND Paradise. Both authors are wonderful women of strength and spirituality. :) I wish we could see the movie together.