Friday, October 03, 2008

more pictures from the day

The boy is always talking. Always. We were walking back from the park with our neighborhood friends yesterday, and one of the moms said euphemistically, "Wow, he sure knows a lot of words." It made me laugh. I know he comes by it honestly. But seriously - what do you, Expert Toddler Moms, do about the "mamamamamamama" when the phone rings or Brian and I are trying to talk? How do you address it? I need some ideas.

We all enjoyed our morning outside.

Ok, so I got everyone dressed this morning, and Brian commented that Asher looked like Farmer John, while Silas looked like he was dressed for an episode of the Sopranos. By the time we left the park, though, Silas no longer needed his jacket, and Asher, having discovered some sort of burr-type bush, and being convinced that said burrs were touching his skin through his shirt (I checked. They weren't.), refused to wear his shirt any longer. Add to that the fact that he'd been digging in the dirt for the past two hours, and he really did look like Farmer John by the time we went grocery shopping.

We found stickers in the Fun Box while Silas slept this afternoon.

And then tonight, after his bath, Silas was unusually giggly. He likes a bath just fine, but normally he is very serious about the business of Bedtime, and he wants to eat and go to sleep, already. Tonight was a party, though.

Until it wasn't.

Happy Friday.

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