Friday, September 05, 2008

Missy pointed out that I misspelled e/ingenious. Oops.

Thanks for giving your opinion. Just to be clear, there is therefore now no condemnation from this side of the aisle. From me, anyway.

Brian was out of town last night. Which means I have been alone with the kids for 24 hours, and have not yet needed to cry or count to ten before I could respond. Hooray! Bedtime is always the hardest (because they have two different routines that need to occur at exactly the same time), but even in that, we have found a rhythm. It's so good to feel a little more competent in my job.

Everyone is well, except that Silas is still congested and not eating as much as before. He's such a happy little guy, though, that it's hard to figure out if he's just at the tail end of the crud, or if he needs to see the doctor again. I'm going to give him through the weekend.

One of the hard things about a blog is that my life does not happen in a vacuum. I have so much going on aside from babies right now, but it all is in the context of relationships, and that's not really blog material. So I guess schedules are all I've got this morning. Not all I've got in life, but all I've got for you.

How about a picture, so you don't feel like you've wasted your time?

See the vertical bruise on his forehead? That would be where I CRACKED his head opening the door to the library (I thought he was behind me!) . Man, talk about guilt.

Happy Friday, everyone.

BONUS: Asher this morning is wearing a navy blue t-shirt that says, "I'm going to my happy place - Grandma's!"; khaki cargo shorts; and his winter shoes, that he refuses to take off. We call them potato shoes around here, but they are little charcoal colored clogs. Anyway, between the outfit, winter shoes, and his perfect little round toddler baby, he looks like a 2'11" youth minister. I feel like he should be leading a game of Chubby Bunny or something.


Anonymous said...

Second kids get all the germs, don't they?

Nick M. said...

I sure hope you have a picture of Youth Director Asher. And by the way does he need a job, I've got several openings in the greater Montgomery area right now. ;-)