Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's been a two post kind of day.

I guess this will actually be the second of the two, so by the time you find your way here, you'll already know why. So here is one sweet and one funny picture of my baby boy. He is definitely one of those people who looks different for pictures than he does in real life. I wonder why that is? Brian does that, too. So does my dad. Maybe he inherited it.

Anyway -

Little girls get to wear bows, but little boys get overalls. And there is nothing cuter to me than little boys in overalls. See?

But it's a good thing we have that zero delay camera, because just before he smiled, he made this face:

That picture might come back to haunt him.

Brian is out of town tonight, but our neighbor invited us for dinner, so rather than dreading the evening, I'm looking forward to it. Both boys (and their mother) are pretty tired from last night's excitement, but we'll still go and stay as long as we can.

Hoping for a calm, peaceful, uneventful Wednesday For you all.


Mercy's Maid said...

I agree that there are few things cuter than babies in overalls. And hats too. I instantly melt at the sight of them. :)

The Review Lady said...

So glad that Asher is okay. Silas looks adorable in those overalls!

papilio588 said...

LOVE the overalls...and the cute faces! :)