Friday, August 08, 2008

then and now

Hi. We've been too busy with life to write about it this week, so I've been MIA on the computer. But here are a few pictures of life now and life a year ago at this time.

August 2007

August 2008

Have a good weekend.


Jamie said...

I love comparing "then" and "now" pictures. My heart swells with gratitude knowing that each year truly is a gift :)

Anonymous said...

i LOVE the brothers picture!!!!! beautiful! and i was there for the first swing picture - hard to believe its been a whole year!!

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Ok, whew. I thought the first pictures were Silas and, well, it really messed with my mind. I thought, he's HUGE, then wait, he can't be that huge, he's new, and then, he's new, right? am I losing my mind? Have I slept through three months? Have I lost track of time? and then Oh wait, that must be Asher.

All these thoughts went thru my brain in about 1.5 seconds.

I'm exhausted now.