Tuesday, August 12, 2008

new day

Thailand Chani's post for today is titled, "Knowing When to Take Refuge." Amen to that.

Today is a new day, and leaving yesterday's post up feels like dwelling on a bad moment. I don't want to live that way. It was just and only that - a bad moment, nothing more. And for all the hectic, bad moments in life (that seem to cluster, don't you think?), there are a thousand other good ones. Such as -

* Today, when it was time to leave the train table at the book store, Asher got into his seat willingly and rode happily down the aisle, even though we both knew he was tired, he wasn't finished playing, and we were only leaving because Brother was hungry. Toddlers are a unique species, but when compared with his own kind, he really is a mild-mannered child. And that is a tremendous blessing to me.

* Lately, if Brian and I disagree, it usually stems from my reluctance to accept help and Brian's desire to see me relaxed and content. Really? This is my big problem, that my husband is too aware of my well-being?

* Silas loves nothing more than for me to hold him, especially while he sleeps. And as his vision is improving, any time he is awake and I am in the room, his eyes are following me. That kind of adoration is as endearing as it is temporary.

* I have something to do every day this week. The balance between isolation and busyness is difficult, especially when your daily activities to not require you to interact with the world at large. But this week I'm looking forward to every thing I have planned.

* Inexplicably, we have had a mild August. I KNOW. Mild and August are not two words you ever hear combined in Alabama. But the high this week is only in the low 90s, with low humidity - perfect for digging in sandboxes and napping infants. Praise Jesus.

Happy Tuesday, everyone.

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