Sunday, August 17, 2008

Apparently I was developing the wild-eyed, desperate look of a mother who needed the chance, for the love of all that is holy, to just finish my sentence, so yesterday I had a Break. Asher spent the night at Grandma's, and Silas, after spending the afternoon with Grandma (Brian's mom), stayed with my mom (Marmee) at our house for a few hours last night.

It was everything I thought it could be.

Brian and I went paddling, and the weather was nearly CHILLY. We also nearly sank our boat, but so did every other canoe that went down that rapid yesterday afternoon, so it must have been the water level that messed us up. Then we came home, cleaned up, and had dinner AND dessert in a restaurant that did not offer me a coloring page at the hostess' stand. It was lovely.

Please don't get me wrong. I adore my kids, and I love being home with them. But sometimes I just need a little time away. It helps me enjoy my job more and do it better.

So this is me, with less tension in my shoulders and less frustration in my voice. Aahhh.


Anonymous said...

yay for dinner on menus you can't color. :) glad you and brian were able to take some time together. too bad i'll be back in dec. - i could totally go for some time on the river right about now!!! :)

LMilky said...

kbyay for helpful gradparents! you and nick will have stories to share wed. night about paddling... sounds like the rivers' revenge was happening this weekend! glad you guys had fun!