Sunday, June 29, 2008


The Forty Day Fast has started. You can follow the links along the sidebar to read each blogger's post about the cause/ organization they are highlighting. I really enjoyed doing this last year, and am glad Kat brought it back.

Also, I've updated my pictures on flickr to include Silas' birth and first week. Again, you can follow the link on the sidebar if you'd like to see what we've been up to, or you can click here. If you don't see anything else, please, band family, look at this picture. Brian wanted me to post it for you, and to entitle it Joey Bag of Donuts. I also added new pictures to the side, right over there. -> I never get over seeing Asher following his daddy around, wanting more than anything to do whatever he's doing.

As for me and my house, we all get a Sabbath today. Praise Jesus. Brian gets a Sabbath from Mr. Mom, and has gone to church and then to paddle (because he FINALLY has his own kayak, after months of shopping. The way that guy shops, I swear. He will seriously spend six months to a year looking for just the right product and just the right deal. It drives me crazy until he pays half price for something very cool, and then I'm really excited about it. Once again, his efforts paid off). Asher gets a Sabbath from transition, and has gone to spend a day in the sandbox at Grandma's house. And I get a regular old Sabbath. An actual day of rest, with just the dog and Silas at home until dinner (isn't it funny how just one baby at home is now rest? SO VERY different from the first time around). I need a day to absorb what just happened, to respond to emails and unpack from the hospital. I'm very much looking forward to my Sunday.


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aubrey said...

Thanks for the pictures Steph! I'm so addicted to watching your family through pictures! What a beautiful family!