Friday, August 31, 2007

Lordy day am I bored.

Asher has entered a new phase. Some call it "development," but today I am ready to call it "hell." Tomorrow I'll say that's too strong a word, but today it fits just fine. The days of putting him to bed and going on with life are over; now, suddenly, he is easily awakened by noise. Which is all fine and good, except that we live in 800 square feet. There is no such thing as putting him down in the back of the house - there is NO "back of the house." We have exactly as many rooms as we need, and we use every square inch of this little place every single day.

Except not anymore. Now I put Asher down for a nap, tiptoe away, and hope for the best. Then I go and sit in the recliner (which is the farthest seat from his room) and try not to make any noise whatsoever until he wakes up. Which means - no t.v. Nothing in the kitchen, because the kitchen is too close to his room (EVERYTHING is directly across or beside his room. We live in a square!). Can't use the desktop, because the chair squeaks and it is positioned - yep - across from his room. So. Today I sat in the recliner with the laptop and checked my email then checked it again just in case someone emailed me in the time it took me to close out the window. Then I checked every single blog I have ever read, and I checked all the blogs that were linked from those blogs until I got a headache from staring at a little screen for an INHUMANE period of time. Usually when I spend this much time in front of a computer screen I have a research paper to show for it. Today I just have the headache.

Finally - hooray! - Asher woke up naturally. And I began frantically attempting to do everything I normally do when he's asleep, plus all of the things that I do when he's awake, PLUS trying to keep him from chewing on the blinds/cords/DVDs/dog food. Hurryquickfast all the way until ... his next nap. When time stopped, and I was relegated back to the recliner.

Don't worry; this is a short-lived problem. I just realized on Wednesday how much better he sleeps in silence, so tomorrow I have a date with destiny. Destiny and I are buying a sound machine. But I just wanted you to know that I am DONE with that stupid recliner. And you all should update your blogs more regularly.

Three posts in one day. I wasn't kidding about being bored.

Good night all.


ajs said...

Steph! How did you live without a sound machine before?? Let me know if you can't find one...sometimes they are hard to find...some stores consider them 'spa' items and only have them at the holdiays. I just left one of mine at my parent's house and you can have it if you want...i am buying another one if I can find it today. I can't live without two. My mom can get it to you. :)

Madame Rubies said...


Valerie said...

Obviously I don't have children. What is a sound machine? Does it play ocean sounds or haunted house noises or something?

Nick M. said...

oooooooh!! haunted house noises would be would help asher grow up to be the next wes craven which would make his uncle lane very proud.

Stephanie said...

A sound machine has different settings - rain forest, white noise, waterfall, ocean, birds, etc. And Amanda is my HERO for forgetting hers in Alabama and donating it to us. I picked it up this morning. Yay!

Liz said...

I hope that the sound machine works! And books? Maybe books could occupy your time - maybe its a good time to get back into reading new things. :) could take up puzzles. Haha. I hope that Asher becomes a sound sleeper again very soon!

And how cool is that I can read your blog in HONG KONG?! hehe