Friday, August 31, 2007


I overheard a conversation between Asher and Taylor today. It went something like this:

Asher: I think I've decided my favorite toy is that big red ball I find on the floor sometimes ...
Taylor: Balls? I like balls! I've been gnawing on that red one for a long time.
Asher: ... and things with wheels.
Taylor: I like wheels TOO!
Asher: ... and knocking over the dog's food bowl.
Taylor: OOOH I LOVE knocking over the food bowl.
Asher: ... and rolling on the floor.
Taylor: I LOVE rolling on the floor!
Asher: ... but my favorite FAVORITE toy is chasing your tail.
Taylor: Have you seen my tail? Because I've been looking for it all day.
Asher: But I hate the vacuum cleaner. It gives me the heebies.
Taylor: Dude, watch your back with the vacuum cleaner. I don't know why she keeps following me around with it, but it's like it's, I don't know, after my HAIR or something.

They don't understand what toy belongs to whom. I spend all day telling Taylor to "Drop It" in my most threatening voice, and telling Asher as gently as possible that the disgusting ball that I try my hardest not to touch is not a teething toy for a baby. Alas. At least they get along.


Madame Rubies said...

ROFL! That is my first smile of the day and I loved it.

Emily said...

Thanks, girl. I had a crummy day and this made me smile.

Nick M. said...

Laura spends a lot of her time telling me that I can't play with Ali's toys too so I know what Asher is going through.